Starting Up The Company

March 31, 2006

Starting a new company is always a new and exciting experience.  This company, forsalebylocals.com, is no different. Though the startup experience may be similar, there are a least a few differences.   

In a world laden with startups that seem to have a sole destiny of being acquired, I'm trying a different approach.  Here's a thought: we are actually going to provide a useful service for our users.  Why? This is easily answered.  Forsalebylocals.com is the fulcrum of my personal passions – real estate investment, building interesting web based services, and having cool international experiences. I'll explain the technology and approach in subsequent posts.

However, suffice it to say for the moment, we are trying to bring the world of real estate to your computer in a completely different and user friendly way.  We are working feverishly to bring this site online with the functionality and quality that vistors deserve.   Some things that we have thought through that will make us different:

Providing value-add to the seller beyond simple presentation to a different audience: Ever notice that most real estate listing sites only take the seller's input and show it to a different audience? How can a service provide value-add to a seller beyond that?  We think that we have a way.

Blurring the distinction between selling to your neighbor and selling to an international buyer regardless of location

Building a global community of local real estate providers and feedback on their services

– Removing as many barriers as possible between international buyers and sellers

As for me, I have led multiple discipline software engineering teams at a number of Fortune 100 software companies in the  Seattle area (dev, test, Program Management).  I have worked on a wide range of apps from client software to providing a international server based service to cell phones in an extremely high volume transaction environment.  The launch  date is planned for 1 May 2006.

We will be free in many ways and won't be free in some ways  but I promise that the experience will be hopefully rewarding for all involved – sellers, buyers, and real estate service providers. I'll keep you updated…


PS – if you are provider of real estate services (agent, broker, financing, construction) and want to be involved early in either advertising or as a service provider, please contact me at tony[at]forsalebylocals.com 


  1. Perfect pages… tnx

  2. Nice site. Thank to work…

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