Kudos to American Airlines

April 2, 2006

I recently took an international vacation to enjoy Carnival in South America.  My bags arrived late (4 days late to be exact)…I took that in stride. They asked me if my bag was locked and I said no. The bags arrived the morning of the start of Carnival.  I didnt think much of them being wrapped in plastic, got them to to the hotel, and there they sat for a few days.

Upon my return, I started to completely unpack for the rest of the trip. That is when the damage to the bags became apparent. They were not just dented and open….they were completely broken to the point where they would not even come close to shutting for a return trip.

I called American and they said that, after 24 hours, they could not do anything about the claim. I ended up taping the bags closed, buying new ones, and bring them all home to Seattle. What a logistics nightmare.

Once home, i contacted them via their website with no response for 4 days. At this point, they explained that they could not do anything about the bag claim because of the 24 hour rule in place with their insurance company. They did however provide me with a sizable travel coupon that more than covered the cost of my troubles.

I dont know if the insurance story was just that or not. Frankly, I dont care..the airfare for my next vacation is free. Kudos, American, you won you back as a customer and that does not often happen.


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