Want To Offer Your Services Internationally? You Can!

April 23, 2006

For Sale By Locals Pre-launch Page

Well, a very simple pre-launch page is up. Frankly, we are busy on finishing the details of the site and want to give you an opportunity to jump in early because it will mean free benefits for you as a charter member later on.

In May, you'll have the opportunity to offer your local real estate sales, financing, legal or other real estate support services internationally by using the ForSaleByLocals.com website. You can be part of your own local community of real estate professionals that can be accessed worldwide. You'll make your services available in your preferred language while your prospective customer can browse properties and services in their preferred language, currency, and unit of measure. You'll be able to coordinate with your customer via our email system if either of you needs translation assistance.

You'll benefit from our aggresive overseas advertising and our relationships with over 130 foreign and US real estate websites. Above all, we want to work with you as part of your local community and help bring others into that community.

If you join our our system as a pre-launch Charter Member, you'll receive special benefits normally provided with paid memberships without any cost:

– the opportunity to provide a detailed profile about you and your services to your customers and your own recommendations for service providers in your area

– the opportunity to have your contact info and profile be included in every local search for properties in your area

– the opportunity to include any or all of your listings at no cost for 3 months with a courtesy link to your site included in each listing

– free translation for 2 months after launch of any customer emails that you receive via our internal mail system in the languages that we support (initially, Spanish, English, and Portuguese quickly followed by Japanese and French)

The above offer expires on our launch date which will be sometime between 1 May 2006 and 20 May 2006…so, if interested, please visit the For Sale By Locals Pre-launch Page or contact me at tony[AT]forsalebylocals.com

Additionally, if you are among the first twenty agents or independent web sites that share at least 20 residential or other property listings with us, we'll thank you with free banner advertising for your site on ours in one language of your choice for the first 30 days after launch. (you'll need to provide the banner ads in the appropriate language – English, Spanish, or Portuguese) … 3 languages x 20 means that up to 60 agents or language specific real estate websites will have the opportunity to get free advertising on over 130 web properties.

This opportunity won't last…it is only valid while we are in prelaunch. Hope to hear from you soon…

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  1. Great job guys…

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