Contact Information And Hours

April 27, 2006

A number of people have asked where ForSaleByLocals(tm) is located. I live in the Seattle area but am currently bouncing between Texas and South America while managing the myriad technical details of our launch.  

Based on the number of questions, I really should post our telephone number. If you want to contact ForSaleByLocals(tm) about providing listings or just have questions, the US number is 1*360*362*1032. Please note that we have someone to answer the phones between 5:30am and 5pm Pacific time.  5:30am? huh? Well, a large portion of our development team is in the Eastern time zone…so we do have staff available early in the morning. 

Hopefully, these hours will make make it easier for prospective customers from the Phillipines, India, and other parts of Asia to contact us as well.  We also have the following numbers available for our non-US customers:

USA: +13603621032 (Seattle area)

Brazil: +552138230128 (Rio de Janeiro)

Mexico: +525511669265 (Mexico City)

We are still looking for listings and welcome calls to any of the above numbers in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. We hope to hear from you soon.


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