Not Just For Real Estate Agents

April 28, 2006

A large part of the feedback has been from our prelanch web site has been from real estate agents. Yesterday, while looking into our growing database of contact names, I noticed the first non-agent contact and realized that I have not done as good of a job explaining that the web engine that runs our English, Spanish, and Portuguese sites can provide leads and benefits for other service providers in the real estate industry as well (financial services, lawyers, title companies, surveyors, appraisers, etc.).

Why is that? The web engine that runs these sites is designed to provide a completely personalized experience for the person using the site. You likely already know that we personalize by language, units of measure and currency, but are we are also able to match users and services by location often down to the city level and by property type (land, commercial, timeshare, etc.).

The location tie-in to our user base is a key part of our advertising and marketing strategy for you, our real estate service provider customer. You provide local services of various types that our online customers may need and we'll bring these worldwide customers that are interested in them to you….and do our best to remove language as a barrier to closing the deal between you and your new customer.

You may be thinking that our principal web sites seem like a rather broad brush. I'll agree with you. However, in addition to our three principal language oriented websites, the web engine also can serves location-specific and property specific sites. Note that I am not referring to filters that people can use to find different information on a given web site (although those are available as well). Your customers will have specific websites geared toward their interests….for example, a site in Portuguese geared towards buying property in Mexico that we aggresively market in Brazil (actually, this is one of the 15 sites that exists in prelaunch today).

More examples…Want to find spanish speaking people in a major US city like, say, Phoenix, that may be looking for financing of commercial properties? Yes, the web engine that we are building will help you can offer your services largely to that target audience and our advertising will bring them to a specialized site for that purpose. Want to find Japanese speaking tourists for your condo on the beach in Hawaii or people from France for your timeshare in New York? Yep, those too. The best part is that you'll be able to continually define and select your target audience more tightly as we continue to add languages and affiliated websites in the future. The chart above simply does not do justice to the demographic slices that our web engine will be able to serve – if you have specific needs, please let us know at sales@forsalebylocals.com.

A sampling of the US Cities and States(in no order): Las Vegas, Miami, Florida, California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Arizona, New York, Oregon, and Washington

A sampling of countries: Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, USA, and Uruguay

The property types that certain websites will specialize in are homes, land, commercial, and timeshares.

So, if you know someone that want to offer their real estate services of any kind to anyone from a specific country or anyone searching in a specific area or any non-residents in a specific country that are interested in buying in a specific area, give them our contact information…we can make that happen. …and it isn't just for real estate agents either…



  1. beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

  2. beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

  3. very useful
    and I am always looking how to use technology to make my site better too

  4. Hello,

    This is exactly what I was searching for. Thank you. It’s amazing.

  5. […] – Include Video In Your Service Provider Profile: (Available Soon) You can speak directly to your potential customers by including a free 2-3 minute video in your Service Provider profile. We can also translate this video for an additional fee in order to increase your potential audience. Remember that that our directory of local service providers is made available to users as an integral part of the search process, is completely free as of this time, and is not limited to real estate agents.  Any service provider in the real estate sales process can post their profile…this includes mortgage brokers, commercial specialists, title companies, etc.  This video will not be cross-posted to other sites. […]

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