What Is Going On And Why Hasn’t This Thing Launched Yet?

May 20, 2006

Replacing the original article with this one…this article is posted 18 July 2006.

When I look at the date of the original article that i am writing over, sometimes I find myself asking the same question about when our web engine is going to launch . But we are close…very close to launch.  We’ve had some real setbacks…surgury of a key person, departures of others that didnt really like a startup environment after all, and other assorted personal reasons.  From a technical perspective, we’ve had some bugs and some areas of code that didnt have the look and feel that we liked so we changed them.

It isn’t all bad news – we do have some good news as well. We’ve brought on new team members and trained them up quickly with what we are doing with the web engine. The web engine is in our test environment and generating real code while using our production user interface. Internationally, we are also rapidly building robust spanish and portuguese communities with our blogs, http://casacomprar.wordpress.com/ in Spanish and http://repousos.wordpress.com/ in Portuguese. We’ve had a bit of extra time to improve both our user experience, code, and our processes.

 Stay patient for just a little bit longer, you’ll be pleased with the results.

Tony – 18 July 2006



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  2. great find

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