Interesting Article On Not Being A Dot-Bomb 2.0

July 19, 2006

Article link: Suggestions for not being a dot bomb 2.0

I like this article for a number of reasons. Many of the Seattle and Silicon Valley based startups are in an echo chamber of geeks trying to please geeks. The term, “Web 2.0” has become a destination based on fascination and buzzwords rather than a set of tools that help people enjoy the web more and/or companies sell more products via the web.

Where do we stand?

1. Revenue Model: We have a revenue model based on pay-as-you-go services or a membership model with significant bundled savings.

2. Complete Business: We are a complete business offering a wide range of real estate services.

3. Real People: Real estate is a business for real people and not just bloggers.

4. Real Name: We have a real name for each of the three language focused and 10 or so country focused businesses that have running. Actually, I think that our name in portuguese is the best name that we have – repousos.com – “repousos” means “homes”.

5. No Web 2.0: Though we have incorporated the best elements of Web 2.0 such as RSS and tagging, we certainly are not billing ourselves as a Web 2.0 company. Most importantly, we have chosen these implementations based on business needs rather than to be flashy (for you geeks we aren’t using AJAX or Flash at all and have the absolutely minimal amount of javascript – and the javascript is only needed to fulfill two functions)

6. Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid: I’ve gotten honest (and in many critical)feedback from friends, VCs, and people that read this blog. We’ve made MANY changes since conceiving the idea using this feedback.

7. Revolutions: It’s hard to imagine that the web isnt becoming more international…our spanish and portuguese blog communities at http://casacomprar.wordpress.com and http://repousos.wordpress.com are more active and growing at a faster rate than the english language blog. Most of the calls that we receive are in a non-english language.

8. Size of Market: The world’s population continues to grow. Real estate will remain a large market…especially when the international aspects are considered.

9. Existing Food Chain: We assist both the real estate service provider and the FSBO portions of the real estate food chain.

10. Acquisition Potential: I worked as a Group Manager in Windows Division at Microsoft for many years…I know the odds are against a major company acquisition.

11. Have Fun: It’ll be more fun after launch but in the interim, it is an interesting ride!


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