Planning For Our Separate Video/Podcast Site

July 23, 2006

UPDATE: The separate video sites have launched in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Updated information is available at https://forsalebylocals.wordpress.com/2006/11/26/progress-report-communities-new-sites-new-functionality-and-areas-for-improvement/  

Kind of an offtopic post but we are tightening our plans around use of video & podcasts for sites driven by the ForSaleByLocals(tm) web engine. We’ve decided to not only integrate the capability for video into our online real estate listings in all languages but also (sometime just after the initial three real estate sites have launched in their respective languages) to begin to automatically “cross post” video from listings into a more general podcast site and/or real estate video blog (or vlog for short). The podcast site would be available in all of the languages that we support (initially English, Spanish, and Portuguese). Nothing too fancy…just a way to get listing exposure and other information to more people that have self-selected as likely being open to watching web videos and podcasts. I’m thinking that the podcast site that would have a prominent real estate section (and international section too) among others. 

While the team remains focused on launch of our principal site, we are starting our first baby steps into post-launch activities by looking for feedback on the domain names for that more general podcast site. I’m not sure if it is good or bad that I own more names than I likely need…I just wasnt entirely sure of my direction at the time of purchase of most of them.

I’m only planning on using one or two of the names and decent available names in this space are hard to find. In short, there is what there is. Here are the names that I own:

– podcastsonly.com
– onlypodcast.com
– onlypodcasts.com
– forpodcasts.com 
– forpodcasters.com 
– 4podcasters.com
– podstoo.com*
– podcaststoo.com
– realestatevid.com
– vlogagent.com
– vlogonly.com 
– vlogsonly.com
– forvloggers.com
– onlyvlog.com
– onlyvlogs.com
– vlogtoo.com
– vlogstoo.com
– realtyvcast.com
– realtyvcasts.com
– housevcast.com
– vcasthome.com
– vcasthomes.com
– wevcast.com
– myvcasts.com
– forvideocast.com
– forvideocasts.com
– myvideocasts.com
– 4videocast.com
– 4videocasts.com

* also have podsto.com and pods2.com (to avoid errors based on similar sounding names)

 Any opinions about which names are the best?  They are general names I know but they’ll likely work for our needs. If you dont like any of them, please let us know why. We have time here as the podcast site cant distract from our work on the web engine.

WAY OFF-TOPIC: Before people ask, I’m not in the domain name business (never sold a domain name even when previously offered a very healthy amount). However, given the 20 names that I have in this space, I might be open to selling a domain name or two from the above list if 1) its a name that I’m not planning on using and 2) the deal is right. If you are interested, please let me know by email  (tony AT forsalebylocals.com).  I also have four names that I am fairly sure that I won’t use for anything else (justforbloggers.com, just4bloggers.com, shakyvideo.com, and shakyvids.com) so if these are in line with what you may be doing, let me know.

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  1. My name is Danny, I am 24 year old, and doing research on wordpress. I would like to show my stuff I have been here. Is that ok? I like your blog.

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