Progress Update on ForSaleByLocals.com

July 23, 2006

As of today, we are still on track to launch within the next two to three weeks. The code has been opened up to some by-invitation users in all three languages that we support.  There are still some late nights ahead of us to meet our launch – we have some bugs still open in the bug database and all of the language versions still need some fit and finish work at this point. We hope to move bits to the production servers in a week or so and finalize our testing there.  I’ll report any anticipated delays here on the blog moving forward.

On a side note, we’ve received some negative remarks about our choice of pre-launch web pages, the software that we used to create them, and their design.  Deserved criticism – they are very simple templated pages from a popular consumer web design tool.  They were only intended to be functional place holders until our web engine is launched. The pages that are currently posted for forsalebylocals.com, casacomprar.com, and repousos.com are not pages being generated by our web engine. The static pre-launch page choices were designed to be a low time investment option in order to sharpen our focus on developing the web engine.  Frankly, we rather spend our time on the web engine and the design of the production pages…. I can understand the concern after reading the mails but understand that the pre-launch pages are in no way indicative of our production design.  To alleviate any such concerns moving forward, I’ll post some screeen shots of our final designs later this week.

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