A Few International Real Estate Goings-On

July 26, 2006

Since we have not yet launched our real estate service in English, we should likely strive for good kharma by pointing out interesting goings-on in real estate outside the US. We’ll be also be focused on the US market, but there are no shortage of US-based resources. Here are some of the non-US resources that we’ve found in the past few days:

Retiring Abroad: http://ezinearticles.com/?Retiring-Abroad—5-Reasons-You-Should-Consider-Moving-Abroad&id=249437

Costa_Rica: http://landsaleprofits.com/costa-rica-land/?p=21 

Panama: http://primapanama.blogs.com/_panama_residential_devel/

Spain_Real_Estate_Slowdown: http://iht.com/articles/2006/07/21/business/wbmarbella.php

Bulgaria: http://news.insiderealestate.info/20060723/houses-in-bulgaria-are-plentiful/

real_estate_podcasting_in_Australia: http://www.friedlaenders.com/2006/07/24/realestatecomau-puts-digital-toe-in-the-podcast-water/

India: http://rajrussell.spaces.msn.com/Blog/cns!8804D83CB521FC4C!535.entry

Commercial_Real_Estate_Information: http://www.ireto.org/globalrealestatenews/index.htm

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