Seattle Real Estate Tech Talk Podcast

July 26, 2006

Referral logs can be interesting sources of new information. While checking my referral logs this morning, I came across a direct link that someone clicked from http://seattlerealestatetalk.com . I had not seen their site before (as I’ve been focused on launch). Despite not finding that (still mystery) link that someone clicked to find my blog, the search resulted in finding a great real estate site with podcasts, some listings and other useful information. 

One article that particularly interested me was  http://seattlerealestatetalk.com/2006/05/22/podcast-seattle-real-estate-tech-talk/ Though posted in late May, it is an audio podcast discussion about technology in real estate with the Rain City Guide‘s Dustin Luther and Shack Prices‘ Galen Ward.  Very interesting and worthwhile discussion that is applicable to markets outside of Seattle and certainly worth the time to listen to.

The site also has a comprehensive set of useful links. These range from Seattle specific information to more broader real estate resource sites. Hopefully, we’ll see some new articles soon. Given the caliber of the older articles, this site seems like it would be definitely a real estate site worth keeping up with when updated.  I know that I will … and not just because my house is in the Seattle area! Regardless, the tech talk podcast is definitely worth the visit.

I think that I’ll also get plugged into the seattle podcasting network (http://seattlepodcasting.net/) as a result of this morning’s find. 



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  3. I’ve always scratched my head as to the value of podcasting – music and entertainment maybe, but real estate?

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