Easy Ways To Post Your Real Estate Video

August 5, 2006

UPDATE: 3 Real Estate Video Sites have been launched: https://forsalebylocals.wordpress.com/2006/11/14/real-estate-video-announcement-1-three-standalone-real-estate-video-sites-up/ 

Most of us want choices in the way that we interact with the internet or our business service providers. As a service provider to you, we’re considering the following five ways to post your videos on our sites:

Purchase a Real Estate Listing: (Available upon site launch) As  you submit information about your listing, you’ll be able to link to externally hosted video, upload video that needs additional services, upload fully ready video, or get information on how to send us your video on tape or DVD.  Users would be offered video in their choice of supported languages (if available). We’ll also crosspost your videos along with your listings to our affiliated real estate and podcasting sites with a link back to the desired online listing or website. We’ll retain no rights to your intellectual property other than the non-exclusive license to post your video on our sites and display your video to our users. You can use the videos in any manner or post the finished video on any other site that you choose. 

Purchase Volume Listings with a Paid Membership(Available upon site launch) Paid memberships provide volume discounts on listings and services (including video). If you want the best pricing on posting a  bunch of listings, paid memberships are definitely the way to go. We have palns up to more than 1500 listings per year. More on paid memberships in a later post.  We’ll also crosspost all your videos along with your listings to our affiliated real estate and podcasting sites with a link back to the desired online listing or website. We’ll retain no rights to your intellectual property other than the non-exclusive license to post your video on our sites and display your video to our users. You can use the videos in any manner or post the finished video on any other site that you choose. 

Contract for Video Services Only: (Available now) If you can’t post listings on our site because of agency limitations around co-branding or if you just want to get an video’s soundtrack translated or subtitles created, you can directly contract for the services that you need.  We’ll perform the services and return the video to you for your own commercial or personal use.  We’ll retain no rights to your intellectual property so you can use the videos in any manner or post the finished video on any site that you choose.  Your video will not appear on our site unless you tell us.

Post Videos of Properties For Sale: (Available Now) We’ll gladly include your videos of properties for sale without any cost to you. These videos would be downloadable to users but would remain in the original language. You’ll have a link back to your online listing or website for viewers that are interested. We’ll also crosspost your video to our podcasting site.

Include Video In Your Service Provider Profile: (Available Soon) You can speak directly to your potential customers by including a free 2-3 minute video in your Service Provider profile. We can also translate this video for an additional fee in order to increase your potential audience. Remember that that our directory of local service providers is made available to users as an integral part of the search process, is completely free as of this time, and is not limited to real estate agents.  Any service provider in the real estate sales process can post their profile…this includes mortgage brokers, commercial specialists, title companies, etc.  This video will not be cross-posted to other sites.

As you can see from the graphic, we’ve made the process as simple as possible. It can be reduced to the basics: “Send us your video and tell us what you want”. We’ve talked to many of you and realize that some need very little support around video and are ready to simply upload fully edited and quite possibly translated video.  Others may need more support especially from an organization experienced in real estate video. Let us know if these options meet your need for flexibility. 

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