Progress Report – Closing In On Website Launch

August 13, 2006

Technical side: After many recent 18-20 hour days, we still are not at launch but we are very close.  Here is the timeline moving forward. With a final “big push” this weekend, I expect all of the functionality bugs in our database to be completed on or before this Wednesday. We’ve taken in a lot of code changes over the past week -more than i would have liked (to be frank) – but we are where we are and our usability seems to be really showing improvement. We accepted some key changes that we determined would be FAR easier and beneficial to change before launch than at some future point down the road. Those changes will be checked by end of day today (Sunday).

Due to the recent changes, there now needs to be some additional design and translation work completed.  We’ll run through a few days of test cases on the changes while the design and translation work is being completed.  We’ll then migrate the software component and database to the production environment.  That migration will happen next Saturday.  A few more test runs in the production environment before launching the beta and we’ll be set for launch. That puts us somewhere between the 20th and the 22nd. I’ll say the 25th just to be safe.  We could always launch ahead of that date.

Business progress: We’ve signed a second contract to provide listings and online video support for another sizable real estate agency in South America.  The level of interest is also rising as judged by interested parties that are beginning to contact us.  Hopefully, that bodes well for the future.


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