US Real Estate Blogs Finding Their Voices

August 16, 2006

New real estate weblogs are popping up everywhere.  We had already highlighted a number of international real estate websites and Seattle based real estate podcasts. More real estate blogs in the US are “finding their voices” – too many to  really list.  Here is a small sampling of the ones that I like:

Kansas City Real Estate: http://kcmetrorealestate.wordpress.com/ (a local market focused blog with interesting and applicable posts for every market)

Arizona Real Estate Market: http://azrealestate.wordpress.com/ (a local market blog with tons of great statistical information)

Sunnyspot Realty: http://sunnyspot.wordpress.com/ (this blog is a great example of how to write a very personable real estate weblog with a good mix of information to boot – its been on my blogroll for a few days now)

Real Estate Tomato: http://realestatetomato.typepad.com/ (exceptionally well written general real estate weblog)

Some Western Michigan Video Podcasts: http://www.realestate-video.com/page2.html (real live podcasts of properties and not just ads to try to help you make a podcast)

Some Georgia Online Video Property Tours: http://www.real-estategallery.com/new_page_2.htm  (real live online wmv video of actual properties – some of the listings make me want to move to Georgia, wowsa!)

The Blogmill: http://www.theblogmill.com/ (this link leads to a corporate site of some folks in Arizona who have a wordpress based platform for quickly generating customizable weblogs with search engine optimization especially for real estate agents)

Enjoy! If you have a moment to comment, what real estate sites do you like and why?



  1. Hey, thanks for adding sunnyspot to your list. I’m keeping my eye on you guys, I’m very interested in your translation project…

  2. Maggie – thanks for stopping by. I am a frequent visitor to your site and always enjoy the articles there. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. It seems toiling over how to write something readable is working…

  4. hi Jim, your blog is not only readable but also very informative and well-written. I’m sure that others are noticing as well.

  5. Great links to awesome real estate blogs.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment, azrealestate. I’m a follower of your blog as well.

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