Media That We Created For FEXPOCRUZ 2006

September 22, 2006

Below are some media that we created in house in preparation for FEXPOCRUZ.  Hopefully, it will give a good idea of the capabilities that we are developing for supporting real estate video and live translation of video.  We have a small but fully capable High Definition (HDV) studio for video digital production, interviews, animation, and audio work such as translations.  We’ve also purchased an 1800 sq. ft facility that will be dedicated to larger production products.

Repousos.com Animation

CasaComprar.com Animation #1

Outside Cover of FEXPOCRUZ Brochure (Inner Fold – Portuguese)

Inside Cover of FEXPOCRUZ Brochure (Spanish and English)

Mixed Animation (Spanish and Portuguese)

CasaComprar.com Animation #2

We’ll be adding to the above list throughout the day (as time permits) and also planning on posting some video from the event later in the weekend.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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  2. […] We have a large TV (in the back upper left portion of the stand) playing an informational video with many of the animations that we’ve prepared for the show interspersed throughout the video.  We also have a 384kbs internet connection that people can use to view our beta site. […]

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