Video Translation Examples

September 25, 2006

 Update: since posting this article, we have started to post video listings on our website.  Check out http://forsalebylocals.com for more actual listings.

 Aside from text translation of property listings, the ForSaleByLocals(tm) web engine will also drive the translation workflow of the audio portion of digital video. The examples below are some of dozens of audio translations that CasaComprar.com (our spanish language soon-to-be-launched flagship website and weblog) has done under license in support of real estate agencies with existing video. We are working to make production and posting of real estate video as simple as possible. The original audio portion of the below examples was in Spanish and the videos were broadcast live on a local daily real estate show. For the example, we translated and narrated the Spanish audio into English and Portuguese – we did not edit the video in any way or provide any graphics/animation support.

Please note that these properties are extremely modest – we chose these video to showcase the translated narrative and not necessarily the properties thenselves. For the record, we’ve translated video for properties that run the full range of prices and locations. We believe that there are many valid reasons to translate property videos. This video translation service is included as part of listings hosted on our site. Video listings will be viewable online in the user’s preferred language and downloaded for use with video iPods.  It is also available at an extremely reasonable cost as a separate service for agencies or agents that don’t allow or want co-branded listings.

Examples of Real Estate Videos With Translated Narratives

House Example Portuguese Video Narration English Video Narration
Condominium Example Portuguese Video Narration English Video Narration
Modest House Example Portuguese Video Narration English Video Narration

As you can see, our startup is finally starting to come together after some fits and starts. If there is sufficient interest, we’ll also make the video translation service available for other projects as well such as videos of software demos and other corporate/commercial or vlog projects.

We just purchased an 1800 sq ft dedicated studio for our HD video, audio translation, in house animation/interstatials, and planned videocasting projects that will be completely outfitted with HD camcorders, dual processor computers that have multiple GBs of memory, dedicated rendering computers, and plenty of hard drive space. We’ve also been fortunate to have hired some really good people. In short, we have the space, people, and equipment to support just about any level of digital video (up to HDV) or audio project or requirement.

Just let us know…

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  1. […] International Issues: Everyone does not speak English. Like many sites, ForSaleByLocals(tm) is working on incorporating what is hopefully a unique implementation of real estate video. We are working on relationships with agencies and starting to gain access to lots of professionally produced real estate video. However, since we are internationally focused, we have a different problem than many real estate sites – most of the audio for the videos made available to us simply isnt in English.  We are working on an alternative here but still this is an issue. As pointed out by several people (including one of my favorite venture capital bloggers Rick Segal), the web isn’t “there yet” for podcasting internationally.  At ForSaleByLocals.com, we are working to help change this.  9/26 UPDATE:  We’ve posted some examples of translated property videos (https://forsalebylocals.wordpress.com/2006/09/25/video-translation-examples/) […]

  2. so if i would send you a link to a video that is online, would you translate the video from german to english so that i could understand what they are saying? please contact me back at paintballfl11@comcast.net

  3. Hey can you please translate this video to english for me? It’s in spanish and I can’t speak a lick for spanish? please if you can contact me at: seanritchie_a7x@yahoo.com

    Here’s the video url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4dlDsX8aYY

  4. SEan: translating narratives is obviously a paid service. Let me know how we can help.

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