Photos of Our Stand At FEXPOCRUZ 2006

September 26, 2006

Here are some photos of our stand at FEXPOCRUZ 2006. We’ve already surpassed our expectations for the show as more than a thousand people have indicated interest in our services and actually filled out registration forms….wowsa…and we still have 5 more days of the show to go.

Right side of our stand Back right of our stand
Left Hand side of stand More to Come

FEXPOCRUZ 2006 is one of the largest trade shows in South America with almost 2300 exhibitors and a projected 500,000 visitors.  CasaComprar.com and Repousos.com have a shared space at the show (we are obviously highlighting our Spanish and Portuguese offerings due to the nature of our business, FEXPOCRUZ’s visitor demographics, and the physical location of the stand – behind us is the Brazil Pavillion and you can see the US Pavillion from directly in front of our stand). 

The details of the stand were developed by our general manager (Alicia Yabeta).  The colors, inset lighting, and wood floor really make us stand out from the neighboring spaces. We have a large TV (in the back upper left portion of the stand) playing an informational video in multiple languages with many of the animations that we’ve prepared for the show interspersed throughout the video.  We also have a 384kbs internet connection that people can use to view our beta site. 

With that internet connection, I’m planning on blogging from FEXPOCRUZ tonight (with camera and HD video camera) and highlighting many of the technology and real estate companies that are also at the show.

If nothing else, hopefully the photos demonstrate just how busy that the team has been with the preparation for the show, the supporting materials, the videos, and of course programming and design for the website.  I never thought that I’d again be as busy as a manager as I was in Windows division at Microsoft – this experience has made me re-think that opinion. 

In short, the US and South American teams have been great and they deserve ALL of the credit for the job well done.

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