Blogging From Our Stand At FEXPOCRUZ 2006

September 27, 2006

Well, its 10:15pm Eastern time and I’m blogging from our stand at FEXPOCRUZ 2006. Reports say that 60,000 people showed up on Saturday…twice the number of the first saturday of FEXPOCRUZ 2005…wowsa.

US Pavillion Huge Sign Out Front

There has also been a non-trivial number of Americans.  I was  a bit disappointed that the US pavillion had mainly export companies – very few software companies were represented in that pavillion.  There was one spanish language free classifieds site, tumomo.com. They had a huge stand (much larger than ours) with about 15 people working the crowd. They were giving both live and recorded demos of their site. Update: they accepted my invitation for an interview.

Employee Interviewed Blogging from Stand

Our booth has had lots of interest from the public as well as from the press. I’ve also gone out looking for potential partners, tech interview subjects, and other interesting people while here. It appears that I have three video interviews with various technologists with stands at the fair lined up for tomorrow (Wednesday). 

Jorge Fischer  Mercado, owner of GEOGROUP (planned in both English and Spanish) GEOGROUP is a geographic information systems tech company here in Santa Cruz.  I didnt get into too much detail with him but apparently his company has a number of GIS datasets in the 1:2500 to 1:5000 range for Bolivia, Argentina, and some other areas of South America.  I love GIS and the ForSaleByLocals software component has a strong geolocation portion built into it.

We also have the folks from the CITRIX stand lined up for an interview tomorrow to talk a bit about the state of technology in South America in general and Bolivia in particular. If the right person shows up tomorrow, we’ll conduct  the interview in both english and spanish.

We also should have Diego from the Universidad Tecnologica Privada de Santa Cruz (UTEPSA – the technology university of Santa Cruz) to tell us about technology education and training that is available in Bolivia.

UPDATE: some editing done while uploading photos.


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