Interview With TuMomo.com

September 30, 2006

I had an interesting interview in English with the owner of tumomo.com.  They are a completely free classified advertising site here in Bolivia (just launched) -pets, houses, cars, computers, the works – and part of a local all Microsoft technologies  outsourcing company InfoArch LLC.

Tumomo.com interview

The interview was actually an interesting technical exercise for us as well. The US pavillion had extremely loud background music and crowd noises (even with clipon mics) due to the number of people and events at the surrounding booths. This is great opportunity to show off some of our sound engineering capabilities with respect to cleaning up a poor sound environment. The original sound environment can be heard here and you’ll see that the background noise in the original audio actually got worse as the interview progressed.  


  1. […] TuMomo.com is a South American spanish language free classified advertising site.  The owner of Tumomo.com was video interviewed in English during FEXPOCRUZ […]

  2. I enjoyed looking at your boss’s picture on the net. He is a good looking and smart guy. Please tell him that I said Hi.

  3. I believe the initiative of this young entrepreneur is fascinating for people of Bolivia. This interview revealed lots of in-depth market study, technical knowledge and expertise and above all genuine passion of a businessman for people of third world country.
    I wish one day my company can afford to engage InfoArch LLC for incorporation of the state of the art technology inn our day to day operation. With Best wishes

  4. just to be clear, there is no current or past business relationship between tumomo.com and the South American company that I own. They seemed like an interesting tech company with a stand at FEXPOCRUZ and the owner happens to speak English fluently.

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