The Myth of DHL Customer Service

October 4, 2006

Bottom line up front: if you have business-critical international shipping needs, don’t ever rely on DHL. Period.

10 November 2008 update: My heart goes out to the more than 9000 DHL employees being laid off. One thing that I have learned in the 2+ years that I have been waiting for my laptops to be delivered is that word quickly spreads about companies that provide poor customer service. Read through the comments in this blog post and you’ll see that DHL is a company that obviously does not listen to their customers. In my case, they have virtually ignored (although, oddly,  the DHL legal team continue to complain to my lawyer about this blog post – must be the 12000 or so views).

DHL employees should be demanding more of their DHL management.  The company needs to reach out to unhappy customers to repair their image. It isnt hard and a high priced consultant isnt needed. I’ve been a manager at a Fortune 100 company – the best way is for that efort to be directed from the top. Else, a DHL middle manager with vision could easily implement such a working group.

Aim for success instead of continuing to cultivate a reputation for being such customer service asses. My case would have been so easy to resolve two years ago if DHL had just listened.

DHL would do a lot better in this economy if they work to not continue to create customers like me that wont away until my issue with DHL has been rightfully resolved. Best hopes to those in any company that have fell victim to poor management and bad customer service.

7 September 2008 Update: We’ve passed two full years where DHL has neither delivered 12 laptops sent usig their DHL Jumbo boxes nor settled with me for the lost value therein. I would have never thought that a company in such a competitive, customer oriented market would treat paying customers so horribly.

Although over 10,000 of you have read this article now, DHL once again is ignoring us. the funny part is that the last time they did communicate, their lawyers said that they weren’t happy about this blog post…here s a tip: I’ll gladly take the page down and replace it with a scanned simple letter of apology when you pay me for the lost business value of the laptops. This is hardly an unreasonable request since I entrusted DHL to deliver the 12 laptops. DHL still has yet to even refund my money paid to ship the 2 Jumbo boxes.

If you think that that this situation is as ridiculous as we do, we’ll have a viral and participatory way to show your support for us within the next few days. We’re designing a small website icon that will allow you to show your support for us and make others aware of just what can happen if DHL decides to not deliver their packages to you. You will be able to put the icon in your own blog or website that links to a clear description of what has transpired with DHL – placing the icon will not only alert others but also give us google juice to continue bringing this issue to the forefront for searching on various DHL topics.

In addition, we’ll again ask for your support by either 1) contacting the DHL VP who has the power to fix these types of situations, Mike Heilman, email address is Mike.Heilman@dhl.com (naming him only because he is a corporate officer of a publically held company that was directly involved with this issue ). Again, be polite, however, let him know that you have read about our case and how poorly it reflects on their customer service (he had the power to make this all go away in 2006) and/or 2) write a short blog post about this with links back to us and others that have had such issues.

So, come back on late Monday evening and we’ll have the widget for your own site.  Now that we have passed two years, also expect to see press releases relating to this issue sent out to journalists in English, Spanish, and Portuguese (we’ve been holding back on doing this but now its clear that DHL has no intention of settling this issue).


There is now an entire series of updates below in reverse chronological order….

(26 Nov 2006 28 Feb 2007 21 March 4 April 2007 10 April Update 14 May 2007 17 January 2008 Update(see below): for those that are reading this for the first time, we have been waiting 75 91 108 158 179 194 223 233 481 days for DHL to deliver 12 laptop computers to the rightful addressee – thats right, more than 6 months 1.3 years as of this update)

The only redeeming value here is that more that 7000 people have read this specific blog post and thousands more have read it without clicking on it. There has been no change and DHL has made no attempt to contact us or resolve the situation.

29 March 2007 Update: Justice might actually prevail. A Bolivian judge has ruled 100% in our favor. DHL Bolivia apparently has 48 hours to take the actions outlined in the ruling. Keep reading and you, like me, will be asking yourself, “why did it have to come to this?” False alarm – DHL has apparently not responded to an extended deadline of yesterday. Par for the course. What will happen when *you* as a customer have an issue with a company that may be ignoring court orders? My lawyer indicates that DHL has apparently provided some sort of document to the judge that may actually bring this epic saga to an end – I should have more information tomorrow. False alarm but the judge has again found in our favor…despite DHL’s continued claims that we are not recognized officers of our own company (we will post the scans of the judge’s response where he says, “umm..yes they are”.)

Lesson for other companies: help your customers at least feel listened to when they have an issue.


For context, I rarely write about things outside the main scope of international real estate on this blog. We know that many of our weblog readers are english speakers outside of the US (based on our logs for this site) so the advice here may be of use. Our story is below…we’ve included documentation where required.

Like many of you, we do regular business between our Seattle-based company and our South American company. Shipping items bigger than a breadbox to Bolivia can be very expensive as just about everything requires a plane flight or a 20-40 ft shipping container. DHL’s Jumbo Box service seemed like exactly what we needed…Their web site promises delivery of up to 55 pounds for a flat rate of several hundred dollars and a three day guarantee. We signed up for a DHL account thinking that we had found the solution. To date, we have sent more than a dozen Jumbo boxes.

– With one exception, every Jumbo Box of the dozen or so that we have sent has arrived in Santa Cruz more than 2 days later than the promised 3 days

The DHL tracking website is inaccurate for the location of packages (and this is really the most troubling issue). In almost every case with us, the tracking website indicated that the packages had been delivered to Bolivia when, in fact, they were actually still in Argentina. The toll free DHL USA customer service people would insist that the packages are in Bolivia because they can’t be scanned ahead of time.

Here is the rub: the local DHL office admitted in writing to scanning the delivery paperwork ahead of the package’s arrival. Since this wasn’t the first time that this happened with us, my opinion is that the local offices likely do this to improve their delivery performance metrics as otherwise almost every package would be late (but I have no proof).

The local DHL office would tell us that our packages were in customs inspection during the 3-4 extra days required for delivery. We only realized that there was a problem when we thought that we were waiting for a week for customs inspections. We started having our customs broker ask for a faster customs inspection of the items based on what we had been told by DHL. Our customs broker was informed that DHL had not yet delivered the items for the inspection. After many more questions without clear answers, we then found out that the packages were not even in the country of Bolivia as indicated on the tracking website and as we had been told by the local DHL office.

You’d think that the local DHL management would want to resolve this. We have called more than 40 times to the local office and even sent a letter to them by courier early in the summer demanding a meeting about this issue that was returned with a stamp that said “received”. To date, they have never contacted us.

You’d think that Executive DHL management in the US would be very interested in this issue. If I were a DHL exec and this was happening within the business unit that I managed, I’d certainly want to find out the details and get it resolved quickly. We were sufficiently motivated by what happened to find and email the DHL Vice President of Ecommerce. We explained the tracking information issue and how critical the logistics portion of our business. To be fair, he did respond within 24 hours on a Sunday afternoon. We were assured that we could place our trust in DHL and that his staff would dig into the issue. Given my history with VP driven actions at Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies, I felt like we’d at least be able to resolve the management silence and tracking issues. We did receive a small discount from DHL USA for two previous jumbo boxes that we had sent earlier in the summer that were delayed by more than a week.

Unfortunately, after being passed down the management chain several times, to date we still have no resolution with local management or even have any of our calls returned, our most current packages that were needed for FEXPOCRUZ have been delayed by weeks now, and the only responses that we receive from the lower rungs of international DHL management are to say that “the DHL country manager is aware of the situation”. That’s nice. In short, no one other than the VP seems to care – certainly the refusal to return one phone call over the period of months is the best indicator of not caring.

– When DHL lost the commercial invoice shipped with the latest 2 packages with the latops, they didnt contact us for a copy of the commercial invoice until after they had allegedly produced one locally and tried to get it past customs. Their resulting commercial invoice was so poorly handled that not only did they not get the value of the items correct, they didnt even get our Company Name, Tax ID number correct.

This is hardly what I would expect from a company that was getting thousands of dollars of our business per quarter. You should also expect better.

If you are considering using DHL, save yourself the aggravation – the DHL service is more trouble than its worth. The only thing that DHL appears to do on time is charge the credit card. Use UPS or FEDEX – they actually deliver on their promises and usually clear customs within a day. You can’t even use your own DHL account to ship back to the US.

22 194 days and counting for receipt of our laptops….it is now too late to use the laptops for what we needed them for at FEXPOCRUZ and ultimately a complete waste of money and effort sending them down here via DHL. But, more importantly, its also too late for DHL to ever get our business back.

Don’t give them yours.


17 January 2008: (481 Days without our laptops) No Change. We continue to pursue the issue in court. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to rely on you, our readers, to further our cause as you have to date.

27 July 2007 5:20pm (307 days without laptops): I’ve been quiet for a while. To summarize, two days ago, DHL-Bolivia received the final order of a judge in Bolivia to either deliver the 12 laptops or pay us for them by 3:40pm eastern time on the 27th (today). The order clearly states in spanish that an arrest order will be issued if they do not comply.

Remaining in consistent form to the end, DHL did not respond to the judge for this final order. Therefore, as I type this, an arrest order for the legal representative of DHL-Bolivia is being reviewed by the judge (not yet signed).

Further thoughts: It’s all kind of sad actually – this is the story of everything that a company should NOT do when dealing with customers. A set of people at DHL-USA and DHL-Bolivia chose this path because they clearly believed that “big” could trump “little” every day. And, no matter the outcome of this arrest order, this won’t be the end of the story; we have sought out and will continue to pursue the best possible advice on how to deal with the damage that has occurred as a result of this experience.

I have these final order documents scanned (they are public domain) and will be posting them on my blog along with any updates about the arrest order. Stay tuned…
14 July 2007 (294 days without laptops): Yes..still not resolved. DHL continues to seemingly work against finding a solution to this issue. To be clear, the biggest issue with DHL at this point isnt the fact that they had issues with the package but the actions (and lack of action) that their management in the US and Bolivia have taken that continue to damage and cause loss to our company. They continue to focus for some reason on whether or not we are lawful representatives of our company (we are) regardless of the fact that I am the sender and my general manager was the named recipient. We originally sent the laptops for use in last year’s FEXPOCRUZ 2006. This year’s fair is coming around in September again and I wonder if this will be resolved by FEXPOCRUZ 2007.

Promised Documents: In case that any of you have been thinking that we have made this up or have a baseless claim againt DHL, we are posting the following public domain documents:

– The einsteins over at DHL submitted documents to the Bolivian judge saying that they were “surprised” to learn on January 21 that they were breaking Bolivian law by not having delivered the 12 portable computers from the US to our Bolivian company, Frontera Services (see the circled red area of the linked document). Note: The 21 January date of the initial notification was approximately 130 days after we sent the computers via DHL.

– They go on to say in the same document that the requests for information come from two people that are not associated with Frontera Services (first red circle) and that DHL is a responsible company that is dedicated to the service that they provide (second red circle). Note that the date of the submitted document is dated late February almost 180 days after we sent the laptops – perhaps DHL should review the definitions of “responsible”, “dedicated”, and “service”.

– They go on in the document to name me and my general manager as the people that are supposedly falsely representing what turns out to be our own company (there are no other owners). What makes this part worse is that the DHL account from which the computers was sent was in my own name and the addressee was the other person, Alicia Yabeta. Eve if we had not been owners, DHL has gone so far as to say in a court of law that apparently DHL account holders and addressees have no right to find out what has happened to their deliveries – even when said deliveries are hundreds of days late. Interesting….

– The judge responded by summarily rejecting DHL’s response (red circle). They don’t have many options left in what will likely be rapidly turning into a criminal proceeding for our friend, Edison Rodrigo Yepez Jimenez (named as the legal representative over at DHL-Bolivia) in the event that they don’t fork over the laptops. This is all very embarrassing for us and we’ll been tangibly impacted by this ordeal in terms of business lost as well as our reputation. All because of an unkept promise by a DHL VP. Going public is the only means that “small joes” like us have to get *any* sort of action when dealing with large companies like DHL.

Again, we’d like to ask for your support by either 1) contacting the DHL VP could has the power to fix these types of situations, Mike Heilman, email address is Mike.Heilman@dhl.com Again, be polite as he is a corporate officer of the company. Howver, let him know that you have read about our case and how poorly it reflects on their customer service and/or 2) writing a short blog post about this with links back to us and others that have had such issues.

16 May 2007 (235 days without laptops): A number of people have written asking how we know about the below story involving the DHL lawyer (a story which we have received from more than one source by the way). It isn’t too hard when the person involved is screaming into his cellphone in front of a group of people about how DHL could have possibly lost his paperwork including passports as well as asking if they know that he is a lawyer for DHL. It’s clear to me that our story is becoming known in Bolivia when several people that were present thought enough to tell us about it. If this is how they treat their own folks sending things like passports… how would they treat you with your important documents?

I wonder if he at least received a refund? We haven’t…

My new favorite actual Google search that found this article is DHL on time my ass. No joke – thats the phrase that someone searched for to find this particular blog post. Made me laugh all day…perhaps it was the same guy who lost his passport…

14 May 2007 (233 days without laptops): Here is more evidence that shows that DHL’s troubles are not just with their customers. Word comes to us that one of the lawyers for DHL Bolivia is trying to travel to Spain on vacation with his family. Apparently, he sent his documents via DHL from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to La Paz, Bolivia (where the Spanish Embassy processes visa requests in Bolivia). DHL lost his paperwork which included his passport. Oh to have a video camera of the DHL lawyer pleading with the Embassy authorities to process his paperwork…which of course they would not…even if it was DHL’s fault. So, it isn’t just us after all….best of luck to the lawyer (if our case is any indicator)

4 May 2007: (223 days without laptops) It is becoming clear that DHL has absolutely no intention of complying with court orders or delivering the two Jumbo Boxes filled with portable computers that I paid for. I’ve been patiently waiting for more than a reasonable timeframe and my company has never been a party to any of the issues that DHL had with Bolivian customs (DHL generated the allegedly fabricated paperwork and not us). This after being assured in writing by an corporate VP level officer of the company that I could continue to place my business’ future in the hands of DHL. I’ve regretfully had to start the process of getting advice about my legal options in the United States to remedy what has happened here… I’m not yet sure how much more I’ll be able to write about in the coming months. Peace, Out.

19 April 2007: (208 Days without laptops): In response to the new court order, DHL now claims that the legal representatives of my company are not actually the legal representatives (including me!) DHL continues to sink to new lows. Let’s review their “customer focused” actions to date:

– allegedly file false paperwork (we didnt have access to the data)
– blame the customer for all of the problems
– claim that the DHL legal representative has not been in the country for months
– claim that the owners of the customer’s company are not really the owners at all
– completely ignore customer requests for resolution

Is there any hope for a company that appears to be working resolving the issue (my personal opinion is that they likely no longer even have the laptops). But, again, think about if this was your property mishandled by DHL. Notice the word, “Myth” before “DHL Customer Service”. Hopefully, at least of the 50 or so of you that read this posting each day will heed the warning signs in the post. Take your business elsewhere.

10 April 2007 (199 Days without laptops): Apparently, DHL provided some sort of document to the judge today that may actually end all of this, according to my lawyer. I don’t have any details yet nor do I have any reason to believe anything that DHL says even if I had any details. I’ll believe it when they actually carry through with any promises but, honestly, even gloating won’t make me feel better about any of this.

4 April 07 Update (193 Days without laptops) : Also, others are noticing our plight while enduring their own battles with DHL: http://sephyroth.blogspot.com/2007/03/200-miles.html. Please support them and us by 1) contacting the DHL VP that has the power to fix these types of situations, Mike Heilman, email address is Mike.Heilman@dhl.com (again, be polite as he is a corporate officer of the company. Let him know that you have read about theses cases and that they should be working a bit harder to resolve them after so much time) and 2) writing a short blog post about this with links back to us and others that have had such issues. You’ll find a lot of similar cases in the comments section of this blog post.

Here is where we are with the court order: DHL had 48 hours to abide by the court order when it was issued, however, they asked the judge for a 48 hour extension. The 48 hour extension ended yesterday (3 April) but, true to form, DHL apparently chose not to respond to the court order. To be honest, I’m not surprised…if DHL is consistent in anything, it’s in their lack of communication and lack of customer service.

What has larger ramifications here is that DHL isn’t just ignoring *us* anymore….if they won’t respond to a court order as a company, what makes you think that DHL will respond to *you* as a customer if you have a problem with them? I’m really starting to become interested in knowing what the President of DHL thinks of these corporate responses and how these actions paint their company. Perhaps thats the next step…

Additionally, we also have been informed by our sources that DHL Bolivia has taken no actions to get our laptops out of customs (if they even exist at this point) . Hmmm….this would seem to be a required step if they planned to comply….

In the interim, feel free to read what DHL responded to us in December 2006. The original email is in Spanish and posted below but they basically state that DHL executives are too busy to respond to our case because they have important things like christmas parties to attend to. Carla Baro is their designated horse holder for dealing with customer issues.

—– Forwarded message from Carla Baro —–

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 14:46:22 -0400
From: Carla Baro
Reply-To: Carla Baro
To: [Our Lawyer]

Hoy tendré respuesta oficial a horas 17.00. disculpe, mis jefes andan con
una variedad de temas por fin de año, que no les ha permitido, evaluar toda
la situación con respecto a la empresa [our company name], y en el entendido,
de que el objetivo es llegar al acuerdo más equitativo entre partes, es que
están revisando todas las variables que su representado y usted han hecho
llegar a DHL.

Saludos cordiales,

Carla Baro

In the email, DHL says that we will have an answer by 5pm on 13 December 2006 and about how they are working towrads a compromise (the email was sent about 3 months after we had ben trying to get our laptops from DHL). For the record, we didnt even hear from DHL again for several months and the DHL management in Bolivia has never ever returned a single phone call, registered letter, or meeting request. We talk below about how they allegedly told the court that their sole legal representative claims to have not been in Bolivia for months….

29 March Update: A Bolivian judge initially rules in our favor. DHL apparently must take the actions outlined in the ruling within 48 hours.

21 March 2007: This article is now our second most read article. As an update, DHL Bolivia is apparently saying that their legal representative isn’t in the country and apparently has not been for months so there is no one (repeat: no one) to respond to legal actions. Amazing that their legal representative isn’t able to be located considering that DHL has not stopped doing daily business in the country. Clearly, they don’t feel the need to respond. If you’d like to help with this situation, please send a quick email to the DHL Vice President that put me in this predicament with his promises of satisfactory customer service – email address is Mike.Heilman@dhl.com (be polite – but let him know that you have read about this case and that they should be working a bit harder to resolve it after so much time).

28 February 2007 – 158 days…thats right, we passed the 5 month anniversary of shipping with DHL without having received the items. We are not even involved in the issue for which DHL continues to hold the items (perhaps they dont even have them anymore. The little that we hear via our local sources defies explanation… I’m without words at this point. I read every one of the comments posted… as do hundreds more of you with each month that passes. Trust me when I say that I’d rather be spending my time on other things that are more important…

29 December 2006: 108 days…..new years day will be 110 days. Another milestone has been reached: over 1000 of you have read this article. Almost everyday people that search for DHL find this article. The search terms are indicative of the lack of quality and customer service of DHL. The funniest DHL search to date is the person that found this article by using the search terms, “Was DHL ever any good?” It made my day.

12 December 2006: 91 days and we have heard nothing since day 75 – not a peep from DHL. I would not even be in this predicament if Michael Heilman, VP eCommerce Americas and Customer Technology had not tried to convince me so hard to stay with DHL. (I’ve held back on using his name for 3 months but sorry, but when you are a corporate VP, this is so against the norms of customer services….). This whole experience and continuing silence by DHL at all levels makes me wonder what sort of activities DHL has been involved with to warrant such a long investigation of them by customs…. At this point, I just want DHL to do the right with respect to us but at this point we cant even get a response from them.

26 November 2006: Day 75 and still no laptops or any sort of meaningful communication from DHL. We have yet to be able to speak with any local manager (only seemingly clueless “horse-holders”). When calling the local office, we are only told to call the US national number – we have been given no further information at all. When calling the US number, we are basically told to contact the local office. Do you really want to do business with a company that treats smaller customers like this ? especially when we have doing wrong?

15 November 2006: 64 days and still no laptops. We did get a call from a local DHL rep yesterday (not any sort of manager – they have never let us speak with a local manager during any of the issues that we have had with them) who informed us that this situation has only been going on “for a month”. Huh?

7 November 2006 Update: 56 days and still no laptops (and now it has gotten worse…we’ve now get absolutely no information from DHL USA or the local DHL office about our 12 laptops at all…only referrals to other DHL organizations that bounce us back to the office where we first asked for status) Uggg…this all equates to about $12,000 in commercial value being held hostage by DHL.

25 October 2006 Update: 43 days and still no laptops.

19 October 2006 Update: 37 days and Still No Laptops…


If nothing else, do you really want to do business with a company whose leadership would stoop to such lows?

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**4 april: edited the format of the post to put the latest updates earlier…who knew that this easily resolvable issue would last for so long?



  1. The reason your packages were showing arrival in Bolivia is due to the customs clearance process which allows shipments to be customs cleared prior to the plane landing.

    To import back to the U.S. you use a “96”# which DHL assigns to your account.

    You may want to check out Import Express online which actually allows you to import back into the U.S. without providing the shipper with your account information.

    From a person who has used Fed Ex, UPS , and DHL as most of us have, you sound like an angry person with limited knowledge of the actual #’s.

    It sounds like you mind is made up or is it just mad…..

  2. I’m not angry at all – just waiting for my laptops. I’m also not quite sure what you mean by “limited knowledge of the actual #’s” – I have (had) an account number, isnt that all i should need to know?

  3. What I meant about limited knowledge of the #’s is that there was just a recent independent survey done on on time 10:30 am delivery for Fed Ex , UPS, and DHL. DHL


    As far as International shipments go DHL is hands down the most efficient option out there….One thing you may want to consider if you go back to DHL ( which it sounds like you will not until Fed Ex or UPS screw up)is to sign up for Pro View. Pro View will allow you to customize your tracking of packages and will allow you to be alerted if for example the package was scanned improperly and ends up at the wrong destination, has a clearing delay, or you just want to know the package arrived and was signed for.

    I understand your are annoyed with DHL and in this case have every reason to expect your shipement be delivered on time and if not, at least sent back to you. having said that….Fed Ex and UPS have the same things happen all the time.

    Just a few thoughts and good luck on locating your laptops…..

  4. I have had similar experianes with DHL. i have lost business as a result of them. DHL consistantly refuses me when i ask to speak with anyone other then the customer service rep. They throw up hurdles left and right. As soon as i clear one hurdle, another is thrown up in its place. First i did not have such-n-such paper work, so i faxed it over, then the shipper did have that paper work, so he faxed it over, then another, then another. We’re not idoits, we have our paperwork in order. . .. they just kept asking for more stuff to stall for time. At this point there is nothing more they can ask for but yet the pckages for not arrive.
    A quick google search will show you that DHL is a repeat offender when it comes to screwing up customs processes and lying to their customers about it.
    As a small business, I cannot afford to lose orders over something as minute as a shipping delay (of 40 days!). but from the looks of it, i have. I cannot get refunded money from the shipper because DHL refuses to admit the package is never coming, and the client it was intended for has walked away.
    So DHL has caused me to lose both a client and the investment in supplies.

  5. I have worked for DHL for 14 years as an operations supervisor and I have decided to quit because DHL has lost its customer-centric focus and I can no longer work in the current environment. I am sorry your experience has been so terrible. I can tell you that there are some employees that truly care but our new model in the U.S. (since Airborne acquisition) is flawed. We used to do everything possible to satisfy our customers but we do not anymore. When I ship time sensitive shipments I now use FedEx even though I get an employee discount at DHL. I am not currently employed elsewhere so please refrain from posting my name if your post this comment. Regards!

  6. Totally agree with ALL your concerns about DHL. Their service is appalling. I now refuse to deal with any company that uses them. Their customer service is awful. Their tracking service is non-functioning. They do not care about their customers. They cannot deliver reliably.

  7. DHL management is a disgrace. Still waiting for a package from several months ago. DHL has lost the package. DHL claimed they looked for it. Now, it transpires, they have conducted only cusory searches (if that). Their customer services staff (UK) have been extremely economical with the truth. Senior management do not even have the courtesy to respond to letters from clients.

  8. ya, its not just DHL mate, UPS screwed up my shipping and customs paperwork plenty and had a 3 day express box sitting for 21 days without moving. They all suck, none offer any real customer service and its a roll of the dice. From now on my bet is with the post office….

  9. KFR:

    Sorry to hear about your experience…

    my experience with shipping internationally via UPS has only been positive. For instance, I sent a package of video tapes via UPS to Bolivia from Costa Rica on 6 February…I called at 10am for pickup. UPS said that the tapes would arrive on the 8th as long as they had the package by noon – if we shipped after noon, it would arrive on the 12th. We completed the paperwork at 11:30 on the 6th and the tapes were in my video engineers’ hands on the afternoon of the 8th as promised. I could not ask for much more.


  10. My daughter works for DHL and was told she could not get a wage rise because she was “too nice”. She tried too hard to sort out the customer issues and has had several referrlas of praise from the customers. This is “not a good sign” in DHL’s mind as she MUST get her quota of calls in or she does not qualify for a rise. What a way to run a business that is supposed to deliver customer satisfaction. I will campaign until this is reversed and as a Manager who regularly uses courier services to and from our US/Canadian father Company, will not use them again until theri policy is geared to true cusotmer satisfaction and quality service. As the previous writer says, not mad just wanting good service

  11. My experience today only was just as bad, with no results. Was told no supervisor at a higher level was available even after being put on hold 2 times (once for 30 minutes and once for 40 minutes, with them coming back from time to time to see if I was still there) Waited ’til 7 pm,2 hours after the “for sure” delivery time.
    End result? None…..Do yourself a favor, if you need an item in this lifetime, and use a competent delivery service….
    P.S.-just looked at their website and the “with delivery courier ” time has suddenly disappeared…

  12. This problem is not only with their customs I have a US based candle shop and the majority of my shipments are either delayed by days or broken when the customer receives them. The try to claim they are not packaged well but when using UPS they arrive unbroken and on time. DHL is also not very good on honoring claims for my company I have sent them many pictures of broken candles and damaged boxes that I have received only to have my claims denied. I am sorry that others are having the problems with DHL that I had but I will no longer use them as a small business you have to rely on dependable shipping and DHL DOES NOT do that.

  13. Dude, you sound like a real basket case. Having you as a customer must be a nightmare to any business. I’m sure DHL was very happy to hand you off to their competition.

  14. Thats me: a basket case for expecting to have paid for a delivery service to actually deliver a package in less than however many months it is now. And perhaps more so for actually expecting their US, if not local, management to actually work towards a solution that results getting me MY 12 portable computers. In fact, DHL has not even demonstrated that they are still in possesion of the computers. So, really, this blog post must have been started because I’m the basket case here.

    Since I’m on the topic, your comment would have far more weight if it wasnt from a popular freebie email address with a made up user name. *sigh*

  15. What an idiotic comment by “anonymous”. I can see why you didn’t want to include your name — you obviously work for DHL. If “forsalebylocals” is a basketcase for expecting to receive the services that he paid for, count me in. I’m one too.

    My experience with DHL has also been frustrating. I have been the shipper or the recepient on four packages with DHL so far and none have arrived on time. In one case, they made the same exact mistake TWICE in the regional distribution center that returned my package to my office in error.

    Good luck to you forsalebylocals; and don’t expect empathy or any sympathetic response from the customer service team — I sure didn’t get any. DHL is my company’s contract carrier, so unfortunately I have no option in the matter unless I pay for the shipping out of pocket. But if something is really important…Go UPS!!!

  16. I had lost my phone and Cingular was sending out a replacement phone, and they opted to use DHL, it was suppose to arrive the next day.. two days passed and still nothing, the tracking shows its still sitting at my local ‘sorting’ facility. So I call in and the customer service tells me she’s sending out a note to the drivers and that I will receive my package tomorrow. Lo and behold.. NOTHING. So I call back, now I get a different response “oh we’re sorry, it appears the package is lost” I had to sit on the phone while DHL contacted cingular to file a claim, and then told me that was all they could do. So then I had to contact cingular for ANOTHER phone. Instead of receving it in one day, I now have to wait another week for my phone. 10am next day delivery my ass.

  17. Hi, I work for DHL Australia. Our customer service is still ‘alive’ we care for our Customers, and are 25% better at customer service than all of the majors in the area (FedEx and UPS).

    We have the highest share of the Asian and European Market, but the United States is an anchor that is really slowing us down.

    I’m horrified at what I’ve read, simply can’t beleive it.

  18. Anon from Australia: I admire your integrity in identifying yourself as a DHL employee. There *are* some good people within DHL that care about providing good service, you are clearly one of them.

    Your company’s challenge will be to figure out how to bring the same common approach of communication, integrity, and service standards to the organization as a whole. As customers, we don’t see differences between DHL Bolivia, Australia and/or the US – we only see the “little yellow truck” that represents a single entity.

    Thanks for your comment – it does give me some hope that there are at least a few people within DHL that can listen, empathize, and communicate. Please work within your management structure and processes to continue to drive the types of changes that you seek.

    We, the customers a.k.a. the people that ultimately pay your salaries, will appreciate it.


  19. Tony,

    I read your article with interest.

    I’ve worked for DHL for 15 years, and have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively for them, having been in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, & Europe. I’m appalled at the service you appear to have received, and specifically at the indifference shown by all, except the VP you mention. I would like to offer my sympathy and apology for the treatment you have received.

    Although many would say I am biased, I can assure you, from my experience in these different countries, that this indifference is not the norm. I’m now back in Europe and whilst it doesn’t really help your case, I’d like to share details of a recent incident that might convince you that the “Indifference Virus” has not spread too far from the U S division of DHL. Further down this eMail, you will also see that efforts have been made to eradicate this “virus”.

    My job is that of an Operations Management capacity. I’m not in a Terminal (Delivery Depot), but visit them to assist in rolling out new software or procedures, and check on quality compliance. I recently visited one of the largest Terminals in the particular European country I’m in now. A parcel in the “Undeliverable” section of that Terminal caught my eye, as I recognized the name of the sending company. The label with the receiver details had obviously become detached. Whilst this was strictly not my business, I’m a great believer in the saying that “Quality is everyone’s business!”.

    I rang the sender, quoted the Order # shown on the parcel, obtained the delivery details, relabelled it, and put it back in the system for next day delivery. This particular sender appeared to be happier with my intervention than if the parcel hadn’t been lost in the first place. She mentioned “Good Karma” and that it had made her day.

    We (DHL staff outside the States) hear the stories about the service from our company in the U S of A. Whilst it might not change your view of DHL, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. My understanding is that DHL (Global Headquarters) are aware that the service in the US does need ramping up. Without getting into names, some big guns have been brought in. I’ve been lucky enough to witness inspirational presentations from some of these “Big Guns”. Asia Pacific is a highly respected, profitable, market leading Region of DHL. DHL have given the responsibility of shaking up the operations and Customer Service to several gentlemen from AP who have very successful track records. They are particularly good at getting the best out of their staff. I’ve attended some of their presentations, and was expecting to have to fight the usual afternoon “graveyard shift” feeling of nodding off. It turned out to be the complete opposite. Many people would have walked barefoot over broken glass for DHL after one particular presentation that described the details of “Best day – Everyday”. I understand that their efforts in the States are already paying dividends, with significant documented improvements in service.

    Once again, I’m am sincerely sorry that you have experienced such trauma and if there was anything personally that I could, I would. I feel for you, but unfortunately, my influence with DHL in the US is Zero.

    I hope the fact that I have taken the trouble to write this convinces you that DHL does have staff that will actually go the extra mile and that you were unfortunate to get some that won’t. Whilst it’s very obvious, I suppose the secret to DHL being the first choice for customers is to weed out staff who are not interested in their customers needs.

    Before signing off, if you are still pursuing the matter with DHL, I’ve previously been very impressed with the passion for meeting customer requirements shown by Charlie Dobbie, a very senior DHL Director who may be able to assist you, I’m not 100% sure as I’m writing this from home with no access to the DHL address book, but I think his eMail address is Charlie.Dobbie@dhl.com.

    I wish you the best of luck with your business and future shipping experiences.


  20. ST

    I really feel for the good employees of DHL and a heartened that there are efforts underway to improve what is definitely broken.

    The customer has a single view of the entire company based on the quality of their interaction. Unfortunately,the brand transcends any internal organizational differences. Again, we as customers put our packages in on one side and plan on receiving on the other. The only corporate view that we have is the yellow truck and the servive provided.

    Whats most troubling here is that some unknown level of DHL management sees more value in silence and letting this issue run its course and go “to the mat” than just doing the right thing and resolving it quickly. I previously worked as a director and group manager at a Fortune 100 company – this issue could be resolved by a corporate VP with a few phone calls or emails. Given that, it’s also becoming clear that this approach likely has at least the tacit support at the DHL VP level or it would have been completely resolved months ago.

    Thanks for charlie’s contact info. We are pretty far along at this point but I’m always willing to try anything new to get this issue resolved.


  21. I’ve had DHL as my primary shipper for about a year and have very minimal problems with them, especially since I switched from FedEx ground who was a nightmare. FedEx Express (who I like) and Ground are two DIFFERENT companies. We ship glass and FedEx Ground would break 5% and lose the other 5% and on CODs they sent it through the mail (and then the mail loses it and it takes 6 months to get a check reissused). At least DHL has enough since to send their COD’s back using their own service. I’ve had awful customer service with UPS so DHL is currently the winner with me. I’ll think twice about shipping international with them though (which I rarely do). Although with DHL I just have a rep I deal with, so I don’t ever have to call their customer service (I hate ALL phone spiderweb PBX systems), just e-mail my guy and he’s on it. The other nice thing about DHL is if they don’t deliver it as promised (even on ground), it’s free. They are rarely late, but if I had extremely time sensitive material I would do a FedEx express (they’ve never been late once for me) just to make sure.

  22. […] “The Myth of DHL Customer Service” [For Sale by Locals] (tags: Business) […]

  23. Great comments from ST and he hit the nail on the head regarding the US operations. The real problems started in the US with the “merge” with Airborne Express. Somewhat of a long story, but in summary all DHL employee drivers and the majority of the DHL office staff were sacked, in favor of using the Airborne operations mode of using independent contractors as drivers and dispatchers in the vast majority of US cities. Sadly, it went downhill from there. The reason? Upper manangement didn’t have a clue on what was happening in the field. Rather than fixing the routing code IT problem (which resulted in an unacceptable high number of mis-coded packages), they decided to spend $50MM in advertising….which could not be delivered upon. It just got worse from that point on. The switch to the Airborne hub in Wilmington, Ohio was another major boondoggle. Rather than take the recommendations of the Hub Conversation Team to slowly move to Wilmington, the Sr. VP of Ops decided to do it all in 1 weekend. On-time delivery was horribly messed up for 2 months, and people were sacked at downline stations because their delivery times were just as bad (hard to deliver by 10:30 when you’re aircraft arrives at 10:30. Upper managements solution to these stations asking for help? “Think outside of the box, as your results are unacceptable”).

    ST: I honor your comments and honesty, but I have to be just as honest and say you really cannot know just how bad it has been (and continues to be) in the US. It’s really sad to see what was once a fantastic company go down the drain like this. After 25 years in Operations in many locations in the US, I finally couldn’t take it anymore and left. Sad to say that many of the “Old Timers” that were still left at the time immediatley emailed me asking if I could get them on at the new company I went to work for. Not a good sign by any means.

    I wish DHL luck in the US, but I believe it is way past the point of rescuing without a MAJOR change in manangement & and culture. They just don’t get the fac that they are the cause.

  24. As a former ABX employee (and current DHL) I can appreciate the experiences and concerns voiced by all. As mentioned above, the merger/acquisition of Airborne Express by DHL was not the smoothest transition by any means. Following this up with the Wilmington, OH hub integration… well, needless to say, it was a very rough period.

    I used to be a full time employee with aspirations of management and long term goals with DHL. I have now relegated myself to a part time customer service position and have pointed my career in a completely different direction.

    There are many dedicated and caring employees at DHL like ST (and I consider myself one, too, albeit a bit frustrated) that sincerely care about the customer and their problems. Where much of “our” frustration comes from is with customers that refuse to understand the inherent circumstances that arise from shipping 1.5 to 2 million ships “daily” domestically. Statistically, 95-97% of those ships are delivered on time OR EARLY within the USA domestic network. As a customer service representative, I speak to approximately 60-70 of the 3-5% of the customers daily whose shipments are delayed, and sometimes lost or misdelivered. I can assure you that we in customer service do everything we can to help resolve those “problems” quickly and effectively, and to do it in a respectful and dignified manner even when we are being cursed and berated because their cell phone has been delayed a day in transit or the driver can’t make the deliviery due to multiple large Rottweilers in the front yard.

    DHL may not be doing everything “right” in every instance, but the customer service group I work with and the management team at our call center are definitely focused on doing it better. The new watchword with customer service is, “Without change, there is no IMPROVEMENT!!!”… and things, they are a changing.

  25. “customers that refuse to understand the inherent circumstances that arise from shipping 1.5 to 2 million ships “daily” domestically.”

    Not to be a wet blanket here but isnt that your management’s job to understand and resolve? Any issue like the above can be traced to one of the following seven areas:

    – Resources Allocated
    – Processes
    – Quality of Hires
    – Training
    – Definition of Success
    – Measurement of Progress
    – Oversight and leadership

    All of these areas are the direct responsibility of management. I’m the customer – it shouldn’t be my job to understand because I have to manage the same 7 issues to deal in whatever my core competency is.


  26. I’ve skimmed through many of the responses and I can relate to the irritation and frustration people feel with DHL. I work in the US and the company I work for had started using FedEx but slowly integrated UPS. One of the “higher-ups” got it into his head that it would be great to switch everything over to DHL. It was supposedly cheaper and they seemed like the dream company to handle our business. We ship roughly 6-10 packages each day, ranging from a simple envelope to a large crate. Since using DHL, we have had nothing but problems. 8 out of every 10 packages would get lost, delayed or have some ambiguous exception. We had a package sent from our facility to a company not more than 20 miles away that took 5 days to get there. We had a package that was supposed to be for overnight delivery that we later found out exceeded their measurement requirements (which we’d asked about and were given a different answer) and took over a week to arrive. We were assured that it would be delivered within the next day or two but it took an additional 10 days for it to reach it’s destination. In the meantime, we were charged install labor for every day it didn’t arrive. DHL has been a complete nightmare since the day it started and we’ve finally (and thankfully) gotten rid of it. I sympathize with anyone that’s gone through a similar experience.

  27. Why in heavens name would you put this on a blog, when you have a business to run and are very busy with the humdrum of dealing with customers everyday? Get a life

  28. Phil: Customers are anything but humdrum in my business. They are our lifeblood and deserve our best possible efforts. Every one of our customers matters…

  29. It is too bad you had this issue with DHL. I can tell you that all of the big 3 – FedEx, UPS and DHL included make this mistake from time to time. Its the nature of the shipping business. They are all extremely good at what they do, but with the volume of shipments that go through the network, mistakes do happen. I have had similar issues with all 3 carriers. The bottom line is that when you are as large as FedEx, UPS and DHL, and you are a human driven industry, you will always be presented challenges. We use FedEx, UPS and DHL at my business with DHL as the primary carrier and we have no issues. We do, however, understand that in certain areas of the country DHL is not as good as FedEx and in other areas they may not be as good as UPS. In many areas, DHL is better. We ship about 100 shipments per day of which 95 or so go DHL. The other 5 are shipped to areas that DHL is not our best option. Overall our experience with DHL has been great. My recommendation to all of you small to medium sized business owners is to do your due dillegance and truly research the company that can best handle your account. It is not always as simple as you might think.

  30. DHL is by far the worst carrier I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. I had purchased some item from off e-bay, and the sender in his confused mind decided that DHL was the fastest way to get the package to me. Suprise suprise, I did not receive the pack. The following is my exceptionaly painful encounter with DHL which I am praying will come to an end soon…
    I purchased the items on June 11th of e-bay, the sender sent the package from Los Angelos California via DHL to me, located in Washington, apparent the package rached WA around June 16th.
    DHL carrier attempted delivery on the 16th, and I of course out doing my job (as oppose to the DHL carrier), but apparently the carrier felt that there was absolute no reason to leave me a notice that I had a package. so the same goes for the next 2 attempts as well. Then DHL decided to just go ahead and send my package back to sender without even letting me know that I had a package. (again no notice no call no notes, absolutely nothing to indicate that I had a package with them, or that someone has tried to deliver the package).
    So naturally the package got send back to sender, and I had to jump through hoops to get the package send back to me again. Once again, for some reason the sender decided that DHL was realiable, even after our whole conversation about its ineffectiveness. So again there was no notice, not notes. I have to call DHL each day to tell me where to go, and to be sure to leave a note, so I can come and pick it up. But no, no note, it really made me wonder if the carrier even speak or read English!!! For crying out loud, the least DHL can do is hire people who understand English and know how to do they job, I mean it can’t be that hard to leave a note on someone’s door now is it?
    So I finally called DHL’s “wonderful” 800 number again, asking them to just hold my package until 2 days later, and I will go and pick it up, but apparently no one, mark my words NO ONE at DHL understand English. The reason I want to place a hold was because I am not going to be home for those 2 days for business trip, but no, DHL does not understand English, so the package was delived again the 2 days I specifically told them to hold it, and I was not going to be home.
    And on top of this, I had filed a complaint through 800 customer service line, and no action was taking about my complaint regard lack of notice for delivery attempts.
    This really makes me wonder, how is DHL staying in business? Reall now!! can someone please tell me, is it so difficult to train your personal to leave a notice on a door?? Is it so difficult to ask that your employees speak English and can actually function well enough to carry out a customer request? I don’t think that’s too much.
    I mean if you can’t do your job right, then DHL might as well just close shop and let those who can take over, so that way at least I will be able to actually get my package!!

  31. I had a recent experience with DHL I would like to share… One day this week my wife called me at work and said there was a notice on our door from DHL. Our travel agent sent an important package to our home instead of work. Oh no! My wife was worried since there was a note that said read the back to find out where to pick up your package tonight or we will try you again tomorrow. BUT THE ADDRESS WAS BLANK! We wanted the package ASAP!

    Now, I’ve been to a lot of customer counters with UPS and some FedEx, but this was my first attempt with DHL. The note said pick up between 4:30~6 PM. I drove down to their station since I knew where it was and was late pulling up at 6:05 PM while they were locking the doors. Now… if you have ever arrived late at UPS, you might know they “run the tightest ship in the shipping business” and may shake their head and tap their fingers on their watch through the window! (Not as bad as the USPS, but you get the idea.)

    *******BUT WHAT DOES DHL DO!?!?

    Let me tell you – what do think they would do? Well, a nice young lady unlocked the door checked out my notice-went for a search around back out of my sight, then a few minutes later realized the driver was not back yet and called him on the phone/Nextel yelling (nicely) at him, “Where are you?!?” and turned to me and said: “He’s right around the corner, can you wait 5 minutes?” Sure! I was allowed to wait in the closed up dark lobby while I listened to the employees enjoying their job and scanning packages and helping customers on the phone. Not as stuffy as FedEx-that’s for sure.
    It was 6:15 now and someone else came to the door – she read the hours sign and did not even knock and walked back to her car. No one inside noticed and I thought “phew!” I avoided that scene…

    *******BUT WHAT DOES DHL DO?!?

    I noticed a driver off work relaxing out front waiting for a ride or something run up and catch the lady getting in her car and the driver must have been explaining a lot to her about something. Then there was a package exchanged and the driver walked back around to the dock to put the package in the system. Nice. In my opinion many UPS union drivers are either too worried about breaking some rule or the liability of their actions to go out of their way for service like that.

    Then, there was the girl helping me, with my package in hand telling me “thanks for waiting”. I signed a fancy new device she was happy to show off to me (even though it was after hours) and then I was on my way thinking what a great experience.

    Still trying to compare UPS, FedEx and DHL? Well, at the end of the day-they are almost the same. They just move packages. I’ve heard and have been a part of good heroic stories and horror stories on each one of them and I have been close to the shipping business for 18 years. Too bad you can’t please everyone all of the time. Always read the fine print!!!

    Bottom line… get in good with a sales rep and make him/her support your needs for which ever carrier you choose. Ship enough and they all can discount for your business to come to the same price sooner or later. DHL has been a welcome #3 player in the US since UPS has had it too well for too long and FedEx just copies most of UPS’ pricing structure anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong – I like all three and have found minor difference in them to tell them apart but there is plenty of room for improvement for each of them as well!


  32. The story seemed reasonable until “while I listened to the employees enjoying their job and scanning packages and helping customers on the phone. Not as stuffy as FedEx-that’s for sure.”

    That line alone makes me wonder a bit and not because it comes off as blatant astro-turfing. From a factual standpoint. has anyone else ever been in a DHL, UPS, or other office where you could see employees processing packages from the waiting area?

  33. OMG, You.ve got to be kidding me. Wake up people. UPS, Fedex and DHL are companies made up of people. And people make mistakes. We all rely on the same things to try to make deliveries. Conveyor belts, Fork lifts, Trucks, bigger trucks, trains, boats and planes. All of which break down. Some even crash and sink. How about the Fedex plane that burnt to the ground on the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport. Want to bet those customers didn’t get there packages. A Dhl 757 collided with another plane over Germany thanks to the people in traffic control and over one hundred people died. The customers who had there packages on that plane didn’t get them. In operation Dessert Storm Fedex advertised they could get packages to the military personnel in Iraq. It was later learned that thousands of those care packages sat on a tarmac in Alaska because they had no way to get the packages overseas. Everyday trucks and drivers have to deal with traffic accidents, brake downs, flat tires. So your phone may not get there by 10. Which by the way is not a service DHL offers. And most of the phone shippers don’t not pay for that service regardless of what there customer service people are telling you. Recently I had a DELL package that needed a in person delivery requested by DELL not DHL. The addressee flipped out on me when I went out of my way to return because I was holding them up. First she should have understood Dell is the customer not herself. She is Dells customer. Second I made my commitment, it is DEll who requires in person delivery. Third I didn’t have to return by service standards which the customer (DELL) is well aware of. When I get there she tells me she is mad because Dell told her they where not supposed to be delivered for another three days and they where to come Fedex Ground. I have been a Airborne Express/DHL driver for 17 years and day in day out have tried to make all my commitments. And the 70 drivers I work with do the same for the most part. I have heard and seen hundreds of heroic stories and nightmares. But trust me when I say the shippers don’t care about your packages or the condition they arrive in. The guy with the laptops, you got screwed, but watch the Sopranos and you may understand there are forces at work that affect us all. (Trust me things that you see on the Sopranos really do happen) The person who ships the candles if they are arriving broken its because you are not packaging them properly. Companies in my experience who want there product to arrive safe pay to package there goods that way. We move windshields for several different suppliers and they package them with cardboard only, maybe 80 percent make it in one piece. And they don’t care! They just ship another, so we look bad but in reality the shipper who screwed there customer. Also keep in mind shippers are well aware of there carriers policies for delivery of there goods and that the person on the other end of the shipment is not the carriers customer. What you are doing is putting a bad label on hundreds of good hard working people just trying to make a living. Because of your bad experience. Sorry for that but think about something if customer service is not always going to live up to your expectations, after all thats why we have Lemon Laws.

  34. Larry

    This isnt a case of me disparaging good people because my package didnt arrive by 10am. Its been almost a year now for 12 laptop computers and DHL still has made no effort to deliver my package, pay me for them, or even communicate with us. Please help me to better understand how this is a case of a few otherwise good people just making mistakes…

    and thank god a plane crash isnt the reason. What could have possibly made you use that as some sort of justification for this issue? This is a case of holding poor management accountable for their (in)actions.

  35. DHL advertise door to door service but a package sent to me had customs charges and DHL Venezuela demanded I pay them into their bank before they would deliver to the door. This involved a long trip to their bank and then the receipt had to be taken to their local office as proof. After that they did deliver to the door but it might as well have been picked up from their office.

    Shame on you DHL. Why can’t any extra charges be paid at the recipient’s door?

  36. This is an recent shipment my head office sent from Korea to Mexico:

    Go to http://WWW.DHL.Com & track it. Took 12 days to get there, & I didn’t even as them to clear Customs for me. (We have our own designated customs brokerage to handling our clearance in Mexico)
    Tracking results detail for 2432073265

    We used FedEx from the same shipper/destination & shipment delivered in 2 days:
    FX awb# 938022002484.

    What pained me is that I was an ex-DHL Ops Supervisor, & I still has friends in DHL. But the level of service is just not acceptable.

  37. Customer ad courier service of DHL is very awful and very very very disappoinitng.I donot know if i am sending this to the right department or not.this mail is about the reckless

    attitude shown by DHL. i am extremely disappointed by the service of DHL.my sister had sent a

    courier 2nd August 2007 and she was made to belive that the courier will reach IRAN with in 5 days

    today is 8th of August and still i haven ot got the courier and sshe had paid a huge amount of 100$.

    My tracking number is 1023324503 and the webtracking still show that shipment is picked up at

    singapore. these are documents which contain my Singapore visa which is really important if i have

    to go to singapore. when i called the customer service there they gave a reckless answer saying

    they donot know and even DHL singapore has also given the same answer. i seroiusly donot understatnd what kind of service ure giv ing to the customers after paying such huge amounts.

  38. I am so upset and not satisfied at all from your (DHL) service in Kuwait branch… I hope to find somebody who will listen to my complaint…because no body in Kuwait!!!!
    I hope also to take the write action because what happened with is not acceptable from my side and DHL side as a respected company!

  39. I am so upset and not satisfied at all from your (DHL) service in Kuwait branch… I hope to find somebody who will listen to my complaint…because no body in Kuwait!!!!
    I hope also to take the right and rapid action because what happened with me and with my shipment is not acceptable from my side and DHL side as a respected company!

  40. Trust DHL? Gave the driver some packages to return. They have not shown up on the tracking as being returned, the shipper did not get them yet, yet I have been charged for them. Could it be that the DHL driver may have kept them? Can you trust that they actually deliver what they say when they can not produce accurate tracking? I would wonder?

  41. I sell used auto parts on ebay. I tell the dhl rep I have a hard time calculating exact postage to my customers. I’m told to check the the “bill to receiver” option on thier handbill.This way the exact shipping bill is sent to the customer. Well now they have turned me over to a collection agency for the amount of 496.44. Their customer rep said receivers must have an account # and that is how they did it “back in the day”. NEVER SAY NEVER but I’ll never use dhl again.

  42. I think DHL is the best. I called both UPS and FedEx for quotes on 5k worth of international business monthly, and they never even bothered to call back. That was over 1 year ago.
    Now I have a great relationship with not only DHL’s rep, but local operations as well. The rates and service are outstanding.
    Being an educated shipper is something you owe to yorself. If you are shipping overseas, and the consignee is asked for money, YOU AS THE SHIPPER chose for that to happen. You can choose to be charged the D&T.
    I am sorry to hear about the laptops,but the DHL bashing is killing me. I really think they are outstanding and would recommend them to everyone.

  43. CP

    My companies were both the shipper and the recipient. I’m glad that you have had a good experience with DHL. Hopefully, you’ll never have to go to court just to get your packages delivered – which despite a court order, DHL has STILL not delivered (its been over a year now)

  44. Unfortunately, all the major shipping companies make mistakes. I can tell you, though, that because I live in a canyon (in a house, mind you), there have been difficulties in getting parcels, at least on time, from FedEx and especially from UPS.

    Usually an exception will be noted on the website; my personal favorite is “Circumstances Beyond Our Control”, from a UPS driver. This despite the fact that my girlfriend was home all afternoon and our phone line was open. Apparently they tried to call from another dimension….

    Only DHL’s zippy yellow trucks have managed to appear with any consistency. In all fairness, our place is somewhat hard to locate, but that’s true for everybody.

    Oh, one more thing; whenever I ask FedEx to hold a package because their driver couldn’t find our residence the first time, they always deliver it the next day.

    I understand that every large company will make mistakes, but this has been my experience with the Big Three.

  45. Unfortunately, DHL knows full well where our office is, simply refused to communicate with us until legal action was brought against them, and has still not delivered the items for over a year now.

    DHL fought us in court saying that they were not required to deliver the package because they mistakenly believed that neither the addressee nor the sender were members of the party bringing the suit. Actually, they responded to the judge twice with this logic…apparently just being the sender or addressee holds no legal weight with them.

    For all of the people that write in the comments that this is somehow a “mistake”, please keep the above in mind.

  46. DHL service… as I have expereinced is highly ineffective and ineficient service, and not worth paying for the service. Instead of takeing just a few days, to deliver the parcel to the final destinations, it takes months. and therefore, such a sevice delivery is useless.

  47. DHL service… as I have experienced is highly ineffective and inefficient service, and not worth paying for the service. Instead of takeing just a few days, to deliver the parcel to the final destinations, it takes months. and therefore, such a sevice delivery is useless.

  48. What is the meaning of dhl any way….doe it mean an expressive and rapid delivery service. I find no meaning in the service.

    may be I can simply reach physically by walking to the final destinations and reach the parcelfor myself, if the delivery is of the packages are awfully delayed.

    No use… no Uswe … and no use at all.

  49. DHL service is a total disappoiment.. and a cheating service.

  50. dhl… go to hell service

  51. Hi,

    I have problem with the DHL service. This is the worst service i have seen in my life. They are even not responding to my compliants. What should i do know to get my packet. Is there anything to complaint about DHL?? Can i proceed legally with them for their irresponsible beahaviour..


  52. I ship a lot of stuff with DHL. I have had an account for just under a year now. I have had so many problems with them it is ridiculous. Here are a few.
    -Their rate calculater is always 25% lower than they will actually charge you.
    -They overcharge on my invoices. 2 out of every 25 packages I ship are mismeasured and overcharged. I have had packages with 40x24x20 dimensions get measured and charged at 92x30x20. Multiple time these bad measurements have happend. Basically a 20-40 dollar package gets charged at 180 dollars. Horrible. Each time I need to spend a half and hour on the phone.
    -They also damage about 2 in 26 also. They are able to break things in half that are not easily broken and also marked fragile.
    -They signed me up for online billing without my knowledge. When I didnt get an invoice for a few weeks I found this out the hard way.
    -I cancelled the above online billing account over the phone and with an email just to make sure it was closed to get my paper billing back (because I need to review their charges before paying). Nov 30 I recieved a letter confirming my account was deactivated and I would get paper bills from now on. By Dec 12th I hadnt recieved a paper bill and call them up. They said I was still getting online billing and that I had never cancelled it. They tell me this after I have an email from them verifying cancellation and verbal confirmation that it was cancelled. So for now they claim it is closed. We’ll see.

    -I have also had one large headache from them when we moved which resulted in getting no mail for 2 months from them. While they just added up what I owed them. If you cant pay by paper you try to pay online right? We did. When calling them for info they would not let me, because my invoices werent currently paid. What if you cant pay online(their website) or by mail, what do you do? You pay over the phone. I call them up and what do they say? You owe us a lot of money, first of all. Way too much money to make sense on one of my regular bills. So they overcharged me obviously on god knows how many items. I say I’ll pay if they can just email an invoice. Well according to the first three people I talked to they are not able to send emails. So with the fourth I got very mad and magically they could provide me with an email. Paying these bills was a nightmare. That is only half of the story the other half if about getting my mail when I had to get the postmaster involved yelling. But that story is was to traumatic for me to recall so this will be the last thing on my list.

    You should only use DHL if everything you ship is unbreakable and really really easy to measure and you never move. Also, if you ship only a couple packages a month. If not, go with someone else. I average about 3 hours a week talking with them about something that I shouldnt have to. Its a big waste of time. Most of the time it gets resolved but it just eats hours out of some days and disrupts my business so much I am almost ready to switch to someone else. (LOL.I hear them backing in to our loading dock right now)So I better go and this might be the last time. Only if their prices on large items weren’t so damn good!

    If anyone knows of any contacts in DHL I can speak with besides 1800CallDHL and my REP that I could speak with that would be great.

  53. I agree, horrible customer service if you can even wait on hold for so long to speak to a real person. Package sent to wrong facility and then sat there for days. I will never use them, unfortunately, this was not my choice but I will let the company know about thier horrible choice in shipping service.

  54. On 12/6/07, I placed an order for lightbulbs from an online company. The company is located about 3 hours from my home. On 12/7/07, I was able to start tracking the package from DHL. Initially, things looked like they were going as planned. Then on 12/10/07 at 8:53am, my shipment was checked in at the local facility and has been sitting there since (now 12/21/07). I started by emailing the DHL CS on 12/17/07 and got a response the same day (Aubrey) that they that my shipment would be delivered the next business day “barring any unforseen delays.” Next day, no shipment. I emailed again (late 12/18/07) and again and have not recevied a response to date. On 12/19/07, I called DHL CS and spoke with Holly who told me that my shipment would be delivered that same day. No shipment arrived. On 12/20/07, I called and spoke with Melinda who promptly said, “Your package was delivered.” My response, “Then why am I callng?” So I was told that the local facilities supervisor would call me that same day. To date I have not received a call(now 12/21/07). So late 12/20/07 I emailed the “Office of the President” to file a complaint, and was told–you guessed it–my shipment would be delivered the next business day “barring any unforseen delays.” It’s not 7:30pm on the “next business day” and I still have no shipment.

    So I am now at 2 weeks since the order was placed and nearly 2 weeks since it arrived at the local facility (which is less than 20 miles from my house mind you).

    Incompetency at it’s best!

  55. Welp I finally got an email from DHL CS–my shipment will be received today “barring any unforeseeable delays.” Funny, saw the DHL truck less than 1/3 of a mile from my house this afternoon–but nothing on my doorstep.

  56. Why do you write this trash. By the way you write about DHL just shows you are a little person and no one should ever consider using your company. I would be surprised if your company has made one dollar. I bet you are in receivership. What a moron.

  57. Alex: so you are the one reading my blog. I thought that I saw a page view the other day.


  58. Steer clear from DHL!! They are horrible! I never received a package after almost a month that was supposed to be delivered in 2 business days! I have tried for weeks to resolve the issue with them and still it could not be resolved. I have gone back and forth with them and each time they ask the same questions (where is it going, what is the apartment number, etc) C’mon, how hard is it really to translate the information I give into my package on my front door step!? I’m sorry but I find the people working there very stupid! I will NEVER use them again. I sent the same package to a relative as a Christmas present and they got it right away! It makes NO sense.

  59. I sent the same package through a different website*

  60. Em – we have been waiting amost a year and a half.

  61. If it helps, their domestic service is pathetic, as well. I’m currently attempting to receive a laptop from them, but their delivery schedule of “Whenever we feel like it” prevents me from being at home to sign for the delivery, unless I want to take a day off and hope they decide to actually deliver on said day.

    But that’s not all – I attempted to just pick it up from their local facility, today…now call me crazy, but when a customer calls your place of business, needing directions on how to get there, including such simple things as what street you’re on…..you should probably give them information that is at least 75% accurate. I’ll give them this, at least they told me one left turn that was accurate. The major issue, was that the street they offered as their address was five blocks away from where they actually reside.

    This is my first time dealing with DHL on a personal level, but it’s maintaining what I already thought of them when I dealt with them professionally at my previous place of employment.

    How a carrier service can be this unreliable, unprofessional, inefficient, inhospitable, and just plain worthless, yet still be in business………that’s beyond me.

    I’m just glad to know it’s not just me.

  62. Oh yeah, I should add – yes, I’ve been on the receiving end of many bungled shipments from both Fed-Ex and UPS……the difference being, they have always apologized profusely, while making every attempt to rectify their error.

    However, if a problem is consistent, it is no longer a mistake…it has become a standard.

    DHL’s service has been consistently terrible……I would hate to think what they consider a shipping error, if this is their average.

  63. Think we have similar issues in ireland as well

  64. I have been working as a driver 1st for airborne express, and then for DHL for over 10 years. I like my job and do the best I can every day. As do most of the people I work with. I have seen many drivers come and go over the years for many reasons. Not everyone can do this job. Some can’t handle the stress or long hours. I take great pride in doing a good job. I have been very sorry to read about all the problems some have been having. I know there are problems because I see them everyday on the job and it saddens me a lot. I wish I had a magic wand and could make everyones problems go away. But, just being a driver limits what some of use can do. As is usuall no dought in a lot of big companys, those of us on the bottom can see how things can be improved to one extent or another. But, few in management listen to us. I mean, when a big executive form the company visits the hub, but won’t come on the dock and talk to the drivers, probabley because they don’t want to hear what we have to say, well that say’s a lot. I don’ know if the conditions I see are prevelant across the us or not. The drivers are usually the last to hear anything. Some of the problems; low pay, poor morale, inadaqite equipment( trucks with bad tires, signal lights not working, bad breaks,etc], little or no bennifits, management, atleast on a local level who apear to make it up as they go along.Poor training. Here are some tips on shipping packages: always put a real street address no the package,never a P.O. box, we can’t deliver to those. Make sure you put adaquit packing material in the box. use the right container for shipping. Sometimes something more durable the cardboard is needed if the weight is high enough. I love to see customers use Duck Tape, instead of the tissue paper thin packaging tape. Also sometimes when customs opens a package their not to picky about how or if they reseal it. Also, don’t be surprised if you have problems getting your package delivered if you have one or more dogs running loose on your property, no one wants to be bitten and I have seen more than a few incients when that happened to drivers. If you get a door tag saying that you must sighn for your package in person, the only one to blame for that is the shipper. It’s their requirement for delivery. I hope these hints help you. I hear that changes are coming to DHL. I can only hope there good ones.

  65. Ohh, stop moaning! You can forget about your laptops, but to blame a whole company based on one negative experience is just not justified.

  66. DHL Norway is well-known among people who shop on the internet for swindling its customers with tolls. As a result, many Norwegians who use the internet for shopping refuse to deal with companies that use DHL (including myself). Unfortunately, the loopholes in Norwegian laws on the matter of tolls does not allow for a judicial moves against them.

  67. fuck u you are full of shit

  68. DHL Driver: Are you saying that I have received my 12 laptops? Or, like Moloko three comments above, I should just forget about my laptops and not share my experience with other potential customers based on this experience?

    If you peruse the comments, you’ll see that a number of people that have had negative experiences with DHL.

  69. They are as bad as everyone says! I have known employees from DHL and the company sounds as if it is even screwing it staff over… Not paying correctly and losing important personal employee documents within the company! What a bunch of incompetent people. And it all starts with the management of the company.!

  70. Who do I contact to get a comment removed from here?

  71. The only thing DHL is good at is preventing people from getting their packages. They put up every imaginable roadblock possible. For example: they will not deliver to an alternative address without jumping through many hoops. They will not allow you to pick up a package at a local DHL office. In addition, if you tell them you will make arrangements to pick up your package at the remote site they choose, they refuse to hold it for you until you can get there and they won’t give you the address to pick it up. They refuse to provide a reasonable time frame for delivery so you can be there to sign for it, and they refuse to leave it in your door even when the delivery notice says they will if you put your signature on the back of the form. I have this vision of a bunch of boob heads driving around all day with packages they never deliver. I would never use them to ship anything.

  72. I am so frustrated with DHL and found your site here. I am not in real estate business. Just an old retired school teacher waiting for DHL to deliver my medicines sent by CVS-Caremark. This is the second time DHL has done this to me! and YES, I am taking it personally. It seems that they delivered my medicine to 3225 and I live at 3235. After hours on the phone, listening to recordings, and pushing certain numbers I FINALLY got a real person. But that didn’t help either. They claimed that they had left the medicine on the doorstep. NOT. I went to 3225 and nothing was there but a sticker of attempted delivery. Guess what? the house is vacant! Real person #2 said they would be bringing it in an hour! NOT. Real persons #3 and #4 said it would be here by 8PM. NOT. And of course now it is Saturday and there are no real people until Monday business hours! Meanwhile, Here I sit with NO MEDICINE. Thanks for letting me vent!

  73. Mr. Dobbie / DHL,

    Good day.

    I am a software developer struggling to make both ends meet in the Philippines. I have 3 kids ages 8, 4 and 1. In a month i make a measly $500 which i have to budget to meet our needs.

    Last month a relative of mine went to the US (California) and i saw an opportunity to get myself a tool which i can use at home so i can do work at home to augment my income for our growing family. I literally begged my another relative in NY to lend me some money and buy me a laptop in the US. Laptop prices here in our country are twice that of those in the US.


    This laptop which i will pay for several months whose funds will come from a part of my life savings and part from my already small budget. This laptop is equivalent to almost three months worth of salary before taxes. We opted to avail the free shipping offered by my vendor so that we will not incur further cost. The laptop was handed over for delivery to FEDEX April 7, 2008 by my vendor in CA.We expected the package to arrive in New York April 14, 2008. But FEDEX delivered it April 17. The laptop was to be shipped back to CA in order for it to be brought back to the Philippines hand carried.

    We selected DHL 2 Day delivery in the hope that you would be able to deliver the item better than FEDEX did. To my dismay the DHL courier delivered it to a different address. Up to now i am still wondering if i will be able to get my hands on the said laptop. What’s worse is that my relative is to go back here in the Philippines April 22-23.

    In this light, i am humbly requesting for assistance from you to be able to locate and deliver my item on time and in one piece. I have literally cried and lost sleep because of the mental and emotional anguish brought about by this incident. Worst scenario would be i will be paying for a laptop that i will not be able to use. This could mean less food in the table for my family not to mention the additional baggage of paying for it.

    To you it may be just another case of lost package. But to me and my family it means loss of opportunity to better our lives much less make both ends meet.

    Please see email thread below for more information.

    Hoping for your kind consideration and fast response. You may contact my brother Rick @ +XXXXXXX.

    Thank you.

  74. Hi Tony

  75. VERY SORRY – In relation to this comment:

    “They are as bad as everyone says! I have known employees from DHL and the company sounds as if it is even screwing it staff over… Not paying correctly and losing important personal employee documents within the company! What a bunch of incompetent people. And it all starts with the management of the company.!

    by Oz DHL March 18, 2008 at 2:07 am ”

    It is my responsiblity to inform and apologize to all readers (and DHL) for posting a comment as a member of the public, this in fact INCORRECT.
    (Its embarrassing to say the least… but I got the company wrong).
    I am sincerely apologetic to all.

  76. I work for Kodak. We use UPS for an average of 500 daily overnight deliveries, with 99.9 success rate. We had DHL sniffing around too.
    This blog is incredible. The main point here is not about a lost package – this happens to everyone, but about the attitude towards customers when something goes wrong.
    Advice for forsalebylocals – get a good lawyer and make sure you sue them for penalties -e.g.- interest, profit loss – rate multiplied by the rotation period, business development loss, time spent, all expenses including this site maintenance, etc.. What you described here doesn’t justify only a regular shipping lawsuit. You should get at least $500k

    Advice for DHL – with this kind of service you will lose American market.

  77. Yup, no wonder DHL is up for sale, with $900mil loss…

  78. Personally I wouldn’t use…DHL or FEDEX…FedEx..always misdelivers my packages..+ I get a lame excuse from the supervisor, that the driver was tired etc??…tired? that’s an excuse…then when it got delievered FedEx put it around the corner of my house & left NO NOTE posted on my door or anywhere…my package…(a baby stroller) was soaked in the box from the rain!
    I prefer to buy from online sites that ship UPS…I have not had a problem with them.

  79. I could kick myself. I am doing a project in Germany and see DHL all over the place, so I thought it would be the best choice to ship an important document from the US to Germany… WRONG!
    The package sat in the hub in the same state it was sent from for 5 days, then finally after several tracers and an investigation, Im told it will get to Germany in 1-2 more days. This is 6 days after shipment for a 50$ 2-day express package!!

    Some other things I was told by DHL:
    1. We only ship to Germany on Tuesdays and Thursdays – we told you that. (No one told us that and the web site clearly said ship-Sat – arrive-Tue).

    2. The package got accidentally sorted into a ground container and the container will not be opened until 8pm tomorrow (what the &^!$#?)

    3. Our website does not accurately show the progress of the package (no kidding!)

    4. The package was found and will go out on today’s flight. (It was still traced in the US the next day)

    This is a nightmare. The above illustrates lies and misinformation by DHL.
    I have still to receive my package. This would have been quicker by normal mail. Now I have to deal with canceled travel plans.

    After reading other reviews, I will consider myself lucky if I get the package in my hands at all. I wish I could inform anyone wanting to ship documents via DHL about their pending mistake. I will uncork a bottle of champagne when this abysmal company is finally out of business!

  80. Here is a copy of the tracking record of my package by DHL. For once i used DHL and this how i got screwed.Below is there tracking report. Needless to say i have not received the package
    These are the results of your query

    Times given are local to the service area in which the shipment checkpoint is recorded.

    Air Waybill Number Origin Service Area Destination Service Area Status


    3521445815 Nairobi – Kenya Hermosillo – Mexico Transferred through Wilmington Airpark – USA

    3521445815 – Detailed Report

    Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details


    July 01, 2008 20:00 Nairobi – Kenya Shipment picked up

    July 02, 2008 14:21 London-Heathrow – UK Departed from DHL facility in London-Heathrow – UK

    July 02, 2008 19:02 East Midlands – UK Arrived at DHL facility in East Midlands – UK

    July 02, 2008 22:12 East Midlands – UK Departed from DHL facility in East Midlands – UK

    July 03, 2008 01:24 Wilmington Airpark, OH – USA Transferred through Wilmington Airpark – USA

    July 11, 2008 02:26 Wilmington Airpark, OH – USA Clearance processing complete at Wilmington Airpark – USA

    July 11, 2008 03:12 Wilmington Airpark, OH – USA Transferred through Wilmington Airpark – USA

    Try a new search.

    ©2008 DHL International, Ltd. All Rights Reserved

    Thank you for messing my life DHL, as i feel so walked on and driven on. And your customer service talks as if they are doing me favor by promising me that the package will be here no later than wednesday. A package not to mention i was supposed to have received a week ago, but well looks like am lucky that i will not have to wait an year huh

  81. I used DHL 2nd day delivery and it took nearly 2 weeks to get the package. I contacted DHL and they told me they actually handed my package over to USPS! So, I paid twice the price for USPS to deliver my package.

  82. I am an international freight fowarder, moving shipments from all over the world and i can tell you hands down ups/fedex/dhl/ are all good until you have a problem and then you are on your own. Good luck trying to get a human on the end of a phone or if you do one who cares.
    Made the mistake of shiping a customers goods by dhl instead of cargo plane like BA . Should be a 4 day air move, its now been 4 weeks, they know where its at but just cant get someone in the warehouse to load it on a plane ! Finally got it moving but it got sent to the wrong country. DHL Doubtful Handling Loads

  83. Just another guy screwed by DHL. It doesn’t have to be international for DHL to mess up. My kid’s cellphone was broken. Asurion sent a replacement by DHL next day. After 3 days, I was calling customer support. Everytime it was a different excuse. Ultimately, I had to go to this dump of a shipping center to pick it up myself. If I ever see a DHL driver on the road, I shoot them the finger. It doesn’t solve anything, but it makes me feel better. It will be a very cold day before I ever choose DHL.

  84. Sounds all to familiar.I will cut my long story short. It cost me $72.00 to send a package of souvenirs to relatives in Cananda through DHL. Not only did the relatives have to travel to the airport to collect but had to pay $60.00 collection fee. My daughter is travelling and will stay with them for a while. This was a thank you as we have never met them. It is most embarrasing they had to pay for their thank you present. After many phone calls and emails and so many different excuses, the money was refunded by DHL but not all. A $7.50 admin charge was kept. I have been told it will not be refunded. I have sent other emails to people higher up in the company with no reply. My concern is the time effort and money spent on this when it would have been cheaper for them to refund the money. I know I can take this further to get the money back but have decided it is not worth it. Many people I know are now looking at who they send packages with. Certainly not DHL. No customer service whatsoever.

  85. I have received the poorest service from DHL. They lack communication skills and competent staff. Everyone from the who has attempted to correct the errors DHL has made has only made it worse. I am sick of being apologized to and nothing gets corrected. To add insult to injury, I spoke with a Supervisor Rich or Rick. He was rude and unwilling to correct the errors or take responsibility for the mistakes. So far, I have wasted over 5 hours on the phone, and a trip to a DHL facility (during rush hour), trying to get my package, and yet, no package. Due to the pitiful service I received, I will never purchase a product from any shipper who uses DHL.

  86. Vicki

    Thanks for your note. Sorry for your bad experience with DHL. They dont get any better. I’m long past using any service that requires DHL for shipping.

  87. DHL sucks! I have lots of my shipments undelivered.Their service is unreliable.

  88. The email address “Mike.Heilman@dhl.com” does not work.

  89. The email address “Mike.Heilman@dhl.com” does not seem to work.

  90. HA. My heart doesn’t go out to the employees that lost their jobs, the whole company should burn! They stole my ipod which was sent directly from apple and are now saying that no one knows where it is. DHL is awful and their employees should be ashamed of themselves for showing no compassion to the hundreds of people that had things stolen from them. I think it’s funny, i bet if you shipped a pack of gum it would arrive safely, but no, send anything of any value and -poof- it’s gone. Thieves.

  91. I used DHL next day service (in Maryland) to send a package literally 20 miles from my house. It took DHL 4 days to get it there. Theses were tickets to a sporting event and once they did arrive, the game had already been played. I could have walked the tickets there sooner then DHL got them there.

  92. Below is a letter I wrote to DHL headquarters in Germeny and in Poland where I live. I do not think they will take any action but will see what happens.

    “I had today a vary bad experience with customer service pick up desk at the Warsaw main logistic office at Osmanska street. (The head office of DHL Poland is just near by.) I came at 9:45 p.m. to the pick up place that is supposed to be open till 10 p.m. to send 6 of my shipments. It was surprising to me and to many other customers who were at the desk after we were told that the pick up place is open till 10:00 and no even one parcel will be allowed after that time. We were all inside the customer service room waiting in the line hoping that customers ahead of us will get quickly serviced so that we will be able to submit our parcels before 10 p.m. “No way” said the clerk, “there is no way I will work overtime for you”. “No one will pay me overtime and will not stay past 10:00″. Mind you, I came all the way about 10 km, I lost 2 hours of my overtime evening hours and my parcels were quite heavy. Also, by accident I broke one of my products inside of one of my boxes that was worth 200 euro, while angry leaving your pick up place. You can see now how much I lost due to DHL’s employee ignorance. Also, my customers are expecting my products tomorrow. They are all medical accessories important for doctor clinics and hotel spas. I have been a customer of DHL for over 10 years and deal with over 1000 doctor clinics and over 2000 hotels all over Poland. I can either recommend DHL or dissuade DHL to all my customers by simply emailing them this letter. It is all up to you. I can also switch to your competitor of stay with you for another 10 years. My proposal is: 1. Free delivery for the 6 shipments, 2. Delivery for Saturday since we just missed the Friday, 3. 50% discount on all of my service in the month of January. Please, act fast because I will not wait forever for your answer. My customers are waiting. By the way, I made photographs of the pick desk with your employees for my references (and your references if you ask me for the photos) and got names and telephone numeber of three witnesses including DHL security officer.
    Angry loyal customer. Waiting for DHL phone to pick up my shipments.”

  93. If DHL will not improve their services, then for sure they will lose more and more customers.
    I had a very bad experience today, I am in US, sender from Canada sent me a package on Dec 17, 2008 for next day delivery, I received a call from DHL on 19 after 6pm (took two days), DHL told me that something was wrong with the address, I called back to corrected the address, and scheduled a new delivery day on 22 Monday afternoon. I wait for a whole day from 8am to 8pm on Monday, DHL did not show up, and I called DHL, they told me that it was impossible that they can guarantee the package arrive my place on Monday.
    I asked the receptionist, do you know what is a delivery schedule means?
    Dose that means the sender wasted their money for next day delivery?

    Why DHL’s receptionist cannot just simply tell me that don’t wait at home, because DHL can’t not guarantee the delivery time when I make the schedule?
    The reception told me that I can write a customer opinion to DHL.
    After I read this blog, I design not to write the customer opinion; I should share my experience in here.
    Next time if I need to send or receive package on time, I am sure I will not choose DHL.
    I am still waiting my package, hopefully, I will able to receive my package by tomorrow.

  94. Sorry, but I made some different expierence with DHL

    just read

    Maybe DHL Europe/UK Service is better than US.
    The odd thing is that I made some really bad expierence with FedEx here in UK.
    The driver of FedEx wouldnt deliver to door (altough it says door to door service), so since I lived in the 7th floor of the appartment building it takes me around 6-7 minutes to get down, but the guy would only wait exactely 5 minutes and then drive away (2 times just in front of my nose).
    After the 5th attempt I gave up, and we changed the delivery address. (my husbands office, ground floor)
    So after 1 week, we got it from FedEx.

  95. One can not imagine the pain, humiliation and the organization itself and how they treat their employees.

  96. DHL is a very poorly managed company. Management is only out for themselves and couldn’t care less about your situation. They do kiss the asses of a few major accounts that pay over a million a year and thats it. Employee to management relations are deep in the shitter as the company continues to look for more ways to screw its workers and they respond by disrupting the company any way possible.
    I work for DHL and would’nt ship a ounce of crud through their system because I see what goes on behind the curtain and how much they really “care” about service. I would use UPS or FED-EX instead.

  97. This company deserves to go out of buisness, YOU THE CUSTOMER, can start by boycotting DHL.

  98. Much disappointing to know about DHL. It does not shows a quality of an organization.
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  106. DHL express What does this mean???
    45 days delivery and still haven’t received my parcel,
    They have miss read the address and sent it to the wrong city, after complaining they want me to pay storage and freight to redirect the parcel.
    This is the second time that it has happen to me.
    I will never deal with DHL again.

  107. DHL speaks with forked tongue

    They have sent me papers to deal with customs in Beira, and after I despatch these forms back to them then they will go to customs in Maputo and I don’t know when I will receive the parcel?

    At present these forms are with my despachant

    DHL express is a 24/48 service around the world, and this parcel as cost me 100% of the actual goods and has taken them over a month just to sort out their mistake. They employ illiterate people who can’t even read or differentiate between Beira and Maputo,and they expect us to pay for their mistakes.

    The solution to the problem is, we no longer deal with DHL, and I will go on the internet and on the blog site and I will describe to all other readers what DHL express stands for.

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