Real Estate Video – Posting More Translated Narratives

October 26, 2006

We’re posting translated real estate video narratives fairly consistently now at http://www.forsalebylocals.com/video.asp   – with three languages to support, the translation process is almost continuous. By switching languages, you can see that there are differing numbers of videos in Spanish and portuguese as well. We have translated a number of others as a separate service and won’t be included on our site.

We recognize that we still have a lot of work to do with our interface (different sorts, captions, pagination, etc.) The interesting point is that this part of the business is growing at a pace that is fast enough to stretch our new translation and recording processes and yet slow enough to let us make process improvements without getting swamped. 

Next on the video side of the business is the addition of an language specific RSS feed for videos (coding is complete and in testing on a different sister site right now) as well as making the property videos available via an alternative downloadable format for video IPods.  We have a good size list of things in process right now regarding video on both the technical and business sides. We are getting interest from places and organizations that I would not have thought interested at this initial point. More details later.



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