Real Estate Video Announcement #1 – Three Standalone Real Estate Video Sites Up

November 14, 2006

This is the first of a number of announcements that we have with respect to real estate video. We are pleased to announce that we’ve just alpha’d three standalone new real estate video sites:

http://vidlisting.com (in English)
http://bienesraicesvideo.com (in Spanish)
http://imoveisvideo.com (in Portuguese)

We blogged about this coming move at length over the summer and have spent time building out some basic infrastructure. We also put together a fairly advanced dedicated HDV capable production and post-production studio in South America (Conexion Studio), and now are ready to finally move forward with this real estate video project as part of a coordinated infrastructure.  The sites currently only have property videos and interviews but we’ll be quickly adding other video sections.

You may be thinking…”I have property videos; how can I participate and what does it cost?”

Four ways.

1) You can post any property video for free in its original language.  Rather than have you waste hours of your time uploading the video, you’ll just need to send us any online link to the video(s) and we’ll take care of the download to our servers.  We’ll also convert your video to Flash as part of the deal as we have started to build out our own automated rendering network.

2) You can embed any video that has been posted on any of the three real estate video sites onto your own webpage at no cost using our custom flash player (this feature to be available by 25 November). Why show a home with poorly rendered video from other sites when, for “just as free” you can have up to 640×480 quality online flash video with decent sound quality.

3) You can post a video and have us translate the narrative for you.  Fees are based on monthly volume and range from $7 per finished minute to as low as $2.70 per finished minute of video.  We should have the fee schedule up on the site by Friday. The video will then be available in each of the sites’ language sections for which you have narratives available.  This option will also include providing transcripts in each language as part of the package.

4) Lastly, all videos uploaded in conjunction with listings from any of our general or contextual real estate listings sites will be automatically translated and cross posted to these three real estate video sites at no additional cost.

As a side note, all of the real estate video sites are managed using the forsalebylocals web engine component. As of today, the only context that the web engine is managing is language. However, we begin launching additional specialized real estate sites in the next week that include location and perspective in additin to language as additional contexts for the web engine to manage. By the end of this month, we expect to have 25-30 sites being run and personalized by a single web engine. 

There will be a more official announcement about all of this later this week after we have more users take the sites “out for a spin” as clean up last design and legal details…we just wanted to announce the news on our blog first.  For reasons related to Announcement #2, we expect to have these sites out of alpha and beta status *very* quickly.

psst…the sites even work in Firefox. 😛 

Let us know what you think….


  1. Beautiful site!

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