Real Estate Video Announcement #2 – From New Media To Old Media With Our Own TV Show

November 15, 2006

Two of our Spanish language websites, Casacomprar (translation: house to buy) and Bienes Raices Video (translation: Real Estate Video) have been offered an opportunity to produce two Spanish language real estate video TV shows to  be aired on cable systems throughout South America, parts of Central America, the west coast of the US, and parts of Europe. The anticipated date for the start of the shows is sometime is either late January or early February 2007.

The first show will feature a hosted visit to premier luxury homes, waterfront properties, timeshares, and vacation properties for sale or rent throughout Latin America and the US. Basically, we’ll be sending video crews to interesting properties over the next few months to start production of the show. This show does not yet have a title.

The idea for the second show is not to have a host but to feature a series of high quality seller provided property videos from our website or from the private label work that we’ve been doing of late. This will likely be titled “Bienes Raices Video”. There will not be a requirement for sellers to provide videos of interesting properties to us  in Spanish – they can be in Spanish or in any language that we can translate to Spanish. Even though we’ve been doing a fair amount of private label video translation lately, all videos featured on the show will also be translated into every language that we support and highlighted in a special area of each of the video websites.  We are also working to have similar programming in Portuguese in the the future.

I’ve been holding this second announcement for several weeks now.  I was planning on waiting for a few more days until I saw yesterday’s BusinessWeek article on this very topic(http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/nov2006/tc20061102_320306.htm?campaign_id=bier_tcv.g3a.rss1114a) and decided to pre-announce.  Hopefully, the tie-in to the HDV video studio and investment in this area makes sense now.

If you already have high quality video of a vacation property, timeshare, or rental in the US or elsewhere that you’d like for us to feature on either TV show, feel free to contact us. We also already have trips scheduled to Brazil in December and Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua in January so if  you are selling/renting exclusive properties in any of these areas that you would like to have our team video and feature, please let us know as well.

Announcement #3 is a week or so away….really, this time it will be.



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  2. Hi,

    the title of the article (new media to old) reminds me a news of few days ago telling that google is now aiming for newspapers and radio.

    people who works in new media often forget that exists “other world” (and not second life) “unplugged”.

    maybe it’s the time for business to enter enterily in the new media (now is increasing the budget in that way) and the new media come back with the expertise of the digital environment to the classics


  3. Excellent perspective, Victor. Old media certainly has a lot of fresh ideas to gain from new media whereas new media often forgets that many of its parts are actually very “old media-esque” and just wrapped in a different format.

    Thanks for your comments


  4. Let me know if you need any input or help with this.

    Aram Terry
    Aurora Beachfront
    San Juan del Sur

  5. Thanks Aram…we’ll be in Nicaragua in late January 2007 doing video interviews with developers and real estate agents in English/Spanish and preparing segments of our show in HD.

    From the looks of your website, you seem like someone that we’d like to get in contact with. You should hear from us shortly.


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