Process For Buying International Properties in Various Countries

November 18, 2006

We are currently working on a series of articles about how to buy international properties in Latin America based on our real estate buying experience and first hand knowledge of many parts of the region.  In preparation for that upcoming series,  you’ll find below some helpful links that we have found helpful and describe the general process for buying properties overseas on a country-by-country basis:

Mexico – An Overview of the Real Estate Buying Process in Mexico:  http://osmx.com/buying_real_estate.htm 

Costa Rica – An Overview of the Process to Buy Property in Costa Rica: http://www.infocostarica.com/legal/buying1.html

Turkey – An Overview of the Real Estate Sales Process in Turkey: http://www.marmarisland.com/Properties/property-info/properties-guide.htm

Bulgaria – An Overview of How To Buy Properties for Sale in Bulgaria: http://www.buyrealestateinbulgaria.com/Sections/realty-in-bulgaria/Buy-real-estate-in-b

Nicaragua – An Overview of the Real Estate Buying Process in Nicaragua: http://www.sunshineestates.net/buying-property/nicaragua.asp

Panama – An Overview of the Real Estate Buying Process in Panama: http://escapetopanama.com/buyingrealestate.htm

Brazil – The Process For Buying Real Estate in Brazil: http://www.brazzil.com/content/view/9667/78/

Ecuador – How To Buy Property In Ecuador: http://www.cuencarealestate.com/buying_in.htm

Argentina – The Process For Buying Houses In Argentina: http://www.crossbordermortgages.com/guide/argentina.html

Belize – How To Buy Real Estate in Belize: http://www.amberlamb.com/index.php/a/m/buying-real-estate-in-belize/ 


  1. Hi,

    for Spain, maybe it can be helpful that link (in spanish):


  2. Probably the best and most accurate information on buying real estate in Argentina can be found at this link: http://www.apartmentsba.com/consulting

  3. Hi

    I think the aticles you are providing are a great source of information, for advice when in comes to purchasing property in different parts of the world.


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