Second Month Real Estate Video Update

November 23, 2006

Congratulations to Robert Scoble for his impressive stats for the first two months of video blogging that he has done.  We’ve completed the first full month of translating real estate video narratives plus a few weeks of getting started. I started thinking about our first two month numbers as well.  In total, we’ve posted 87 video narrative translations online in three languages (Spanish, English, and Portuguese) and posted 15 widescreen flash video interviews with South American real estate builders and agents (3 in portuguese, 1 in English, and 11 in Spanish).  These numbers don’t include any of the off-line “private label” video translations and HDV work that we’ve done over the past weeks.

The next two months should see a significant rise in our online real estate video numbers as well.  Our real estate specific video sites (http://vidlisting.com in English, http://bienesraicesvideo.com in Spanish, and http://imoveisvideo.com in Portuguese) are seeing increases in daily traffic.  As of this post, we have 120 real estate video translations that are in our possession for translation after the Thanksgiving break and have approx. 30 more real estate interviews scheduled in Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and other areas of South America in December and January. 

Any thoughts on our widescreen flash interviews? (http://www.bienesraicesvideo.com/interviews.asp)

We are certainly looking forward to the Thanksgiving break. Enjoy yours too.



  1. […] Real Estate Video Sites: This group of sites includes http://vidlistings.com in English, http://bienesraicesvideo in Spanish, and http://imoveisvideo.com in Portuguese. These sites will be focused solely on real estate videos, video and voice interviews with various real estate professionals through our regions of interest as well as supporting information about making and/or uploading real estate videos.  I’ve talked a bit already about our progress in other posts. We’ll crosspost all videos that we produce in conjunction with our TV show (coming in February) and also include videos uploaded through our other network websites to these video specific websites. Users of these three sites will be able to upload their own videos in any language for free.  All text content will be in the given language and all videos will either have translated narratives or subtitles in the given language.  […]

  2. […] – We’ve posted 185 property videos (74 portuguese, 39 English, 72 Spanish) which is an increase of 98 videos from this time last month.  We also have another 30 or so property videos in process of translation/recording this week.  […]

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