DHL Update: 75 days and Still 12 Laptop Computers Remain Undelivered

November 26, 2006

28 Feb 2007 UPDATE: Today marks 158 days.

Today marks 75 days since the DHL website said that 12 laptops arrived that were sent via DHL to our sister company in South America. We have neither the laptops nor heard *anything* about their status.  The local DHL office there does nothing to keep us informed, avoids our calls, and occasionally has some low level employee call us to say that we need to contact the US DHL national number (usually after an update to our blog about our situation – the timing has been remarkably coincidental on these calls).  Each call to the US DHL national number only results in them telling us to contact the local South American office.  Ugg… 

 Our full story is here.

I’m slowly finding out that we’re not the only ones that are having trouble with DHL.  It’s strange how almost all of the articles below start out with some version of “don’t use DHL” – I’d expect that from a DHL sucks site but some of the sites are actually well respected. For those that may not know, Chris Pirillo is a very well known A-List tech blogger – looks like he is having a similar issues. 











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