Progress Report: Communities, New Sites, New Functionality, And Areas For Improvement

November 26, 2006

We’ve conceptually divided our existing sites into three categories: Listings Websites, Real Estate Video Sites, and Contextual Real Estate Sites.   All of the sites are currently running on the same software component that we are building ourselves.

Listings Websites: Our three principal websites are http://forsalebylocals.com in English, http://casacomprar.com in Spanish, and (for the moment) http://repousos.com in Portuguese.  These sites will have unfiltered property listings and articles of general real estate interest crossposted from all of the current sites that we support. All content will be in the given language. The portuguese language site will be replaced by imovei.com later this week…it’s much more brazilian and portuguese and lets us act on some of the feedback that we’ve received from our Brazilian community.  We’ll also activate registration, the ability to post properties for sale, and geocoder that works outside of the 5 countries that Google Maps supports (finally done!) within the next week on these sites.

Also, if you are interested in writing articles about international real estate for inclusion on these sites, please let us know.

Real Estate Video Sites: This group of sites includes http://vidlistings.com in English, http://bienesraicesvideo in Spanish, and http://imoveisvideo.com in Portuguese. These sites will be focused solely on real estate videos, video and voice interviews with various real estate professionals through our regions of interest as well as supporting information about making and/or uploading real estate videos.  I’ve talked a bit already about our progress in other posts. We’ll crosspost all videos that we produce in conjunction with our TV show (coming in February) and also include videos uploaded through our other network websites to these video specific websites. Users of these three sites will be able to upload their own videos in any language for free.  All text content will be in the given language and all videos will either have translated narratives or subtitles in the given language. 

We’ve recently added some functionality to the three video sites and also ported some of this code to the other sites’ video pages.  Here is the functionality that we’ve added in the past few days to the video sites:

– the ability to filter by area, city, country, or property type just by clicking on the associated hyperlink
– sorting by price, area, city, country
– five most viewed videos and most popular videos for the previous 24 hours in the given language (pretty cool to watch the changes in real time especially when you switch languages)
– automatic generation of tags for multi-lingual categories such as location, country, and type of property (individual tagging will be added shortly)
– improved language tags within the underlying HTML code (still a way to go in this area)

We also know that we need more English language content (especially for the interviews).  We have quite a few interviews lined up in English for our upcoming trip to Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.  We also have dozens of property videos in English to upload this week and dozens more for which we’ve prepared transcripts and need to finish recording.

There is quite a bit more news in the area of real estate video that we are not ready to release yet. 

Contextual Real Estate Sites: These are groups of highly relevant contextual websites that will present given information in a contextual specific manner. Though we’ve been the using the term “microsite” for more than a year and a half, the best and most eloquent description of the term that I’ve found is here with the best summary quote from that website being that “[t]he idea behind web microsites is to focus the content, function and implementation of a website at a single proposition, market, marketing campaign or promotion.” 

The true power of our custom web engine is in the ability to not only develop and add microsites quickly but also to develop these microsites concurrently in multiple languages. Our web engine allows us to use the smallest possible staff to manage the details of contextual focus across dozens or hundreds of websites as well as across what should soon be 8-12 languages.  We currently have an additional 4 sites ready for launch within a few days and another 13 sites that will be ready within a week or so.  We expect launches of this third category of microsites to start on Monday or Tuesday with the launch of http://construa.com (not live yet) which will be a site in the Portuguese language focused on builders, commercial, and new construction.


  1. […] UPDATE: The separate video sites have launched in English, Spansh, and Portuguese. Updated information is available at https://forsalebylocals.wordpress.com/2006/11/26/progress-report-communities-new-sites-new-functionality-and-areas-for-improvement/   […]

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