RSS Feeds For The Real Estate Video Sites Are Up and Running (iPod Video Too)

December 10, 2006

With over 155 property videos spread over 3 languages, we’ve finally added language specific RSS feeds for our three video sites (http://vidlisting.com in English, http://bienesraicesvideo.com in Spanish, and http://imoveisvideo.com in Portuguese).   This group of feeds includes property videos and interviews. We plan on breaking these feeds down into property and interview specific feeds later on.

English RSS feed at http://vidlisting.com/RSS/feed.rss 
Spanish RSS feed at http://bienesraicesvideo.com/RSS/feed.rss
Portuguese RSS feed at http://imoveisvideo.com/RSS/feed.rss

Many of the videos are also downloadable in iPod format…they all are converted – uploading the iPod ready videos takes time.  By next week, all of the videos should have downloadable iPod ready video and language-specific transcripts.



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