Excellent Article on Hearing Impaired Issues With Real Estate Video

December 13, 2006

Link: http://derekburress.com/podcasting-and-other-hearing-impaired-issues-in-the-real-estate-industry/

Derek’s key points are applicable to every sort of online video, not just real estate video

“So what is the problem as it relates to podcasting? To make a long story short, by replacing written communication on your blogs and websites, you are basically making the assumption that everyone who might be interested in reading what you have to say can also hear it.

By doing so, you are basically eliminating the entire deaf and hard of hearing population from your marketing plan as well as those individuals who are gradually losing their hearing due to age and other problems such as overexposure to noise. Someone who is deaf or hard of hearing is not going to be able to hear what you have to say through your podcasts or hear your voice in the videos that you provide online on your website or blog articles.”

Derek goes on to make a number of real estate video specific points as well. We already had thought about certain accessibility issues i.e. we not only use  <ALT> tags but they display in the correct language. Acessibility is something that we all can improve on and this article reminds me that we need to re-prioritize the posting of all of the 166 video transcripts that we have.  We also should be posting future real estate video transcripts at the same time as the videos.  

Thanks, Derek,  for the reminder – we’ll start posting our video transcripts in all of our supported languages today. 

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