Gotta Disagree With Scoble About Hosted WordPress

December 16, 2006

This post is a comment that I spent 5 minutes trying to post over on http://scobleizer.com/2006/12/15/new-wordpresscom-homepage-is-nice/ without success where Robert is raving about hosted wordpress. For all of the raves that I routinely read about hosted wordpress…my experience has been vastly different.  Specific examples follow.



Its hard to share your enthusiasm for hosted free wordpress (I cant speak to self hosted wordpress). 

We area simple blog focused on real estate technology (real estate video, geolocation, etc). I’d sum up my experience with hosted wordpress as “good days and bad days”.  There are enough bad days to make being a regular user a real pain.  For a company with 82M page views per month, they really should hire an additional tester or two. 


1) Just today, they made a change that makes getting into your own admin pages impossible if you have other wordpress windows open.  Is this some sort of bizarre feature or is it a bug?  (Update since writing this on Scoble’s blog: not sure if this was cleared up in the past 15 minutes or so…perhaps it was a bug). 

2) blog entries simply disappear upon hitting the “publish” button on occasion with complete randomness.  Though this has gotten better, it still happens.  Nothing is more frustrating than to have 15-30 minutes of writing disappear at 11pm at night and be unrecoverable…    Note to WordPress: Autosave should maintain a copy of the post until the post actually posts…not until the user clicks the “Publish” button. 

3) A related problem is the god awful word spacing when one has a long hyperlink….sometimes it’s just embarrassing.  Left justification rarely seems to help.  It seems as though that the default is some sort of “general” justification like you would find in MS Word.

4) The integration with hosted wordpress sites with their own domain (such as scobleizer.com) is still dicey.  Most days, posting comments on your blog doesn’t work at all if I am logged into my hosted wordpress site. i had to enter via http://scobleizer.wordpress.com just to try post this comment (didnt work either).  Given that no one has commented on the Scoble post during the time that I have been trying, perhaps others are experiencing the same issue.  Update after I started writing this note on my blog: No comment is showing on Scobleizer.com but I am now getting a message stating that my comment is a duplicate.   UPDATE:  This appears to have been fixed now….I’ve posted comments twice this morning without issues.
5) I’m beginning to think that perhaps I am in some sort of beta program without my knowledge because the new features that others rave so much about (like autosave) rarely work for me.  My employees often don’t share the same problem – for instance, the employee to my left can log in without issue today.  If I am on some sort of beta server, I should at least know and have the option to be hosted on a feature stable box.

6) One major potential security issue with them is that self hosted blogs often have the exact same login page as the hosted wordpress service.  What better way to collect peoples’ login and password combo when users click on the “login” link.  WordPress should add something (like Yahoo has) that assures users that we are indeed on the hosted wordpress login page.

7) A personal peeve is the size of the text editing window….5 lines isn’t sufficient especially when there seems to be at least 2-3 lines of free space between the editing window and the save/publish buttons.

Though Wordpress is adding some nice new features (such as the ability to surf across admin pages of different hosted wordpress blogs with the stats blog switcher), they need to fix some of the things that just drive people crazy. You also have to remember that when you complain, they listen and make fixes.  The rest of us have to put up with the annoyances that fit our particular hosted blog usage.  We have less problems translating our real estate videos….


PS to Scoble – You are rarely #1 on wordpress if you look at all languages. From what I’ve seen, you hover around #7 😛 


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