Progress Report – Third Month

December 20, 2006

It’s our second full month live with a few extra weeks sprinkled in there. Our numbers are not very impressive but definitely indicate growth so things are looking up as we swing into the new year. 

 Highlights as of this blog post:

– We’ve posted 185 property videos (74 portuguese, 39 English, 72 Spanish) which is an increase of 98 videos from this time last month.  We also have another 30 or so property videos in process of translation/recording this week. 

– We’ve posted 25 interviews with 16 real estate industry professionals in Spanish, 2 in English, and 7 in Portuguese.  We have another 5 or so in the process of being edited.

– We’ll have 21 real estate web sites running on our forsalebylocals web engine by Christmas.

– Our video sites are now getting just shy of 1000 unique IP visits per day compared to just over 1000 unique IP visitors for the entire month of November.  Average page views are increasing as we increase content. Our daily top 5 videos are being viewed a total of approx. 150 times per day in Spanish, 120 times per day in Portuguese and about 60 times per day in English.  UPDATE: For the entire month of Nov 2006, we had 2862 videos viewed.  From 1 December through 20 December 2006, we’ve had 19,891 videos viewed (just 5 video views/day shy of 1000 average daily video views) with 15 videos viewed over 200 times.

– We have received feedback from the agencies that we represent that they are beginning to receive emails and calls from international buyers interested in properties that they have seen on our web site.

– We’ve added video downloads and language specific transcripts to our offering on the video sites

– We’ve added a main RSS feed for each language that allows users with feedreaders, Firefox, and IE7 to get video updates pushed directly to them as updates are posted. I expect that email generated from RSS will be ready by end of year as well.

– We should have a completely configurable real estate specific flash video player ready before the end of the year.  We’ve had some delays on this due to a particular usage scenario that we think will differenciate our player from any other video player that we’ve seen. 

– We’ve successfully tested video streamed to cell phones from our site – expect to see that sometime in the near future.

– We have booked a number of interviews for our upcoming trip to Central America

Lowlights (a.k.a. some areas where we have to do better):

– We need to better articulate the value proposition of increasing the pool of potential buyers to our US and European readers and also make adding videos easier

– we’ve built a video upload capability but are a bit behind on our automated video rendering infrastructure. We have functioning code to encode uploaded videos into various formats and the nebulus of the required server farm…we need to make the code more “beefy” to handle rendering requests in parallel. We hope to make real progress on this over the holiday and the early part of January.

– we’re ready to implement a payment gateway on another site that we own/host; we need to make the changes needed to accept secure payments on all of the real estate sites as well.

– Our geolocation functionality is tied into registration and listing management.  We need to activate this functionality before the end of the year.  We really haven’t focused as well as I would have liked in this area and need to revisit our efforts in this area.

Feel free to contact me at tony@forsalebylocals.com with any questions, comments, suggestions, or thoughts. I’ll be available over the entire holiday season while the staff takes a well deserved break.

Stay tuned and have a nice holiday



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