Another 10 or so Real Estate Videos Posted In English

December 28, 2006

We’ve done some catching up over this holiday period and just posted another group of real estate videos in English over at http://vidlisting.com.  In addition to the videos already posted this morning, we are hoping to put up another 6-10 property videos in English later this afternoon as well as another real estate video interview in Spanish. UPDATE: The second group of 5 property videos are up as well as the interview in Spanish. 

Thanks to our real estate team for finishing up this video set in Flash and Ipod-ready MP4 formats before a new set of videos arrives in the new year. 

You can keep up with all of the new real estate video in English by pointing IE7, Firefox, or any RSS feedreader to http://vidlisting.com/RSS/feed.rss and subscribing.  We’ll have subscription email ready in the next few days as well.



  1. I interviewed Mr. Grey (he was in Bolivia then) last fall for an International Herald Tribune Properties section article which was held up because of lack of space, but it will run in mid-January. I am checking to see how things have been developing. The videos are exciting. Can you tell me more? Still in Beta? What is up and running? Is the foresalebylocals blog for international real estate or Internet developers?
    Nancy Beth Jackson

  2. Your videos are great, a great tool for marketing real estate.

  3. I love your videos! Those are really awesome… I’ve never looked into that before, but that’s definitely a great idea. Thanks for sharing, I plan on testing some out soon!
    New York Real Estate

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