Invitation To Submit Video Interviews of Real Estate Agents and Builders

December 28, 2006

Below is an announcement that we’ve posted in Spanish and Portuguese inviting video bloggers to submit real estate video interviews with real estate agents and builders. We’ve decided to open it up in English as well.



http://bienesraicesvideo.com is looking for real estate video interviews with builders and real estate agents. This is a great opportunity for exposure for you, your web site and for promoting real estate opportunities in your area.

Interviews should be from 10-30 minutes in length and can be in Spanish, Portuguese, or English and can be from any country in the world. It is perfectly acceptable to have separate interviews with the same person or company in different languages. Videos should be submitted with the following information:

– Full name, website, and contact information of the person doing the interview

– full name, website, and contact information of the person being interviewed

– location (city/state/country) and date of the interview

Example topics for discussion include:

– background of the person being interviewed (length of time in the industry, etc.)

– services that person or company being interviewed provides

– why viewers should consider using the interviewee’s services

– why people should consider investing in real estate in your country/area

– the outlook and opportunities for real estate in your country/area

– how viewers of the real estate video can contact the person or company being interviewed


We accept real estate videos in any popular digital format. We prefer raw footage in 16×9 as our team can more easily provide editing support for an international audience and conversion to flash video. Edited real estate videos that are submitted to us should be suitable for presentation at 460×368 pixels (preferable) or 460x432pixels.

We’ll also include your site’s video animation at the end of video or develop an animation with your site’s URL if you don’t have one. Again, this is a great opportunity to get some exposure for you, your videos, your website, and your area.

Feel free to contact me at tony@bienesraicesvideo.com


  1. I looked over your for sale by locals webiste, it looks great. I’ll come back to check out your interview videos.

  2. When are the new interview videos going to be ready…

    I was hoping to get a chance to view them..

  3. we post new real estate interviews almost daily. we have a new one up with the National Association of REALTORs just a few hours ago and posted on the front page`of this blog.

    You can check this blog and http://vidlisting.com/interviews.asp or subscribe to the RSS feeds of either page.

  4. Thank You

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