Nicaragua Real Estate Video Interviews

January 27, 2007

We are entering our final day of real estate video interviews in Nicaragua.  We returned from three days of real estate interviews from the wonderful beach in San Juan Del Sur and now are in Managua.  Today will be a busy day as we have another 6 confirmed interviews….from here, we head to Panama.

San Juan Del Sur is an interesting and laid back area with a picturesque protected beach…I now understand why people believe that Nicaragua is in a stage of development reminenscent of Costa Rica 20 years ago.  In San Juan Del Sur, we stayed right on the beach in a small hotel for just over $70-night with nary a resort or hotel chain to be found in the area.  There is a definitely a community feel in San Juan Del Sur….and I believe that this community feel will come across in many of the real estate video interviews that we did.  More later…


One comment

  1. You guys have done a really great job! i hope you have had a great experience in my hometown.

    As well i hope to see you again around, i will tell my friend to check your website.

    Saludos especialmente para a Alicia y Tony.


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