Real Estate Video Interview From Costa Rica with Brad Sanson, Vista CR

January 31, 2007

We recently filmed a real estate video interview with Brad Sanson, a real estate developer building condominium complexes in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. 

Click to see the video interview with Brad Sanson

Brad was telling us that development in the Jaco beach area is in its infancy, and many described it as being like Miami many years ago. He went on to say that Vista CR was one of the early companies to develop in Jaco, so they have the best location and they are close to the small downtown area.   They are building luxury beach front condos using Spanish arquitecture with American amenities.  All are built with high quality materials. What Vista CR basically sells is a comfortable luxury condo with view to the ocean and close to a safe and relaxing beach. They are even investing in special equipment to keep Jaco Beach clean. 

You’ll see in the real estate video interview that Vista CR’s first building, Vista Mar, is now completed – it even serves as background for the interview taken while sitting on the beach.   Their 2nd project is a 16 story building which may well be the highest outside from San Jose and is planned to be finished by 2008. Regarding the units for sale Vista CR have 10 units for sale in the first building and 13 units in the second building and 52 units in the 3rd project (Vista Azul). 

Jaco Beach has traditionally been much more of a local beach. Development is just starting in Jaco so many see real estate as a continuing good investment. Prices of apartments in Vista Mar started at $400.000 dollars and they go up to over $1 million dollars for the penthouse. Brad pointed out that owners not only have appreciation in property value but they can earn income from rentals. 

Brad told us some interesting news about Jaco: a new road is under construction which will take only 45 minutes to get to Jaco from the international airport in the capital of San Jose. And then Brad said ‘…people in the future may actually live in Jaco and work in San Jose’.

Gina Villagómez


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