Video Interview with Scott Oliver, Noted Author and Owner of WeLoveCostaRica.com

January 31, 2007

Scott Oliver is an UK expat living and consulting in Costa Rica.  He is not only a noted author and real estate consultant but also the owner of a very popular website about Costa Rica (http://welovecostarica.com).  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do a real estate video interview with Scott in San Jose. This interview will likely be really helpful for the people who want advice to invest in real estate in Costa Rica. Scott has written a book ‘How to Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa’ where you can find advice of all kinds about Costa Rica. Between the book and the website, you can find answers for likely any questions that you may have about purchasing properties in Costa Rica.  Scott also has a wealth of tips about how to protect yourself when you invest in real estate in Costa Rica and when choosing a real estate agent. In this interview he talked a bit of his website, his book and why he likes to live in Costa Rica.  

Click to see the video interview with Scott Oliver

Scott’s background is in international investment and he has been living in Costa Rica for the last 7 years advising people to invest in real estate. He clearly is more than willing to share his experiences in investing and about Costa Rica in general. The fact that he is a straight shooter only adds to his reputation as an excellent advisor in these matters. I was reading a bit of his book and I learn valuable information that is not generally available in the internet.  It appears to be especially useful for foreign people who don’t get all the information that might only be in Spanish. I found excellent advice about what to do when when you want to buy, rent of finance real estate in Costa Rica and how to look for the best offers of real estate. The book also gives you advice about the legal and the financing side of the real estate investment in this country. 

What Scott loves about Costa Rica is the weather, the diversity of the nature and its people. However, he said that the rules in North America are different than Costa Rican regarding mainly the law and language. So he recommends, when you try to acquire property in Costa Rica, to work with experienced professionals that work on your behalf. And regarding investing in real estate in Costa Rica, he thinks is an excellent time and place to invest.


Gina Villagómez


Telf. Bolivia: (591) 3 3416064

Telf. Centroamérica: (52) 5511669265

EEUU y Canadá: (1) 3603621032




  2. Great interview. Only one thing: Americans do not cause the problems here. Some Americans do, while others provide the solutions.

  3. Two years ago my family and I invested in a development that was promoted by Mr. Oliver and his colleagues. The condo that we purchased was completed in December of 2007. We planned to use the condo as an investment rental unit. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that have never been explained, Mr. Oliver and Co. fell out with the developers mid-way through the project, so we found ourselves on our own at that point. To date, we have not been able to rent the condo, and when we requested Mr. Oliver’s assistance, he responded via e-mail “We are committed to helping our clients in every way possible before and after a sale and we have HUNDREDS of testimonials to prove exactly that but clearly we are not going to put ourselves in the middle of a complicated ‘political’ scenario – or whatever one calls this – where we waste your time and where we can’t help you.

    If Mauricio is no longer there then I would hope that there will be no more problems for you.”

    We will now sell this condo and certainly never again either recommend nor seek any information from Mr. Oliver and his company.

  4. This vicious comments by Kristina Bonfield or ‘Lost my shirt’ leaves out two crucial facts:

    1. The Sales Manager of that development stopped our Recommended Realtor from entering the project – to this day, we have no idea why, we don’t have an explanation – but I am guessing it’s purely envy as this Realtor is very, very successful and their Sales Manager Mauricio made it clear he did not like that. As you can imagine – even though it’s not our responsibility to rent out this home – as a favor to Kristina we wanted to help but, it’s difficult trying to rent out a home if the Realtor is not allowed into the development…

    2. Perhaps ‘Lost my shirt’ could also explain how she can use that tagline ‘Lost my shirt’ when she could sell this home today for at least 30% MORE than they paid for it….?

    Scott Oliver – Founder
    Author of ‘How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa.’

  5. One must remember that Mr. Oliver’s website and information is purely self-serving. Please, How many ex-Wall Street advisers are respected today? Wake up and smell the Folgers, por favor!

  6. Thanks for your outrageous generalization Mr. Tabor.

    As you can see from my comments above, we tried hard to help this client but could not…

    Like most businessman I do conduct my business business with the hope that it will be profitable and, for your information, I left Wall Street in 1996.

    In the future please feel free to state some pertinent facts regarding the discussion at hand Mr. Tabor rather than simply making infantile insinuations.

    Scott Oliver – Founder

  7. Probably business is not going very well for mr. Oliver. Now he is planning to charge a fee if you want to get into his website. Pride will have a fall ?

  8. Hi Scott, duke and rhonda here we are planning on comeing to costa rica december6 of this year. Iam planning on looking at homes for sale in your area on december8, i like the ocean area in manuel antonio, i love the view, one of the best beach views i have ever seen. i would love to have a house in that area, i no might not be able to afford a home close to the beach, so if it a far away and i can see the beach at manuel antonio , i can live with that. I have never been to costa rica before im planning on looking at different area ,but the beach at manuel antonio in breathtaking. Im going to stay at the copacacabana in jaco area on the 9 of december so me and rhonda can relax for a few days, so live i said love to have a ocean view if possible of that beach at manuel antonio, if it is far away thats ok, if i cant afford and ocean, like to be in walking distance my price range is from 110 to 145k so like to meet with you than to look at some homes for sale, and if possible at least 10 or twelve, so sent me some pictures of homes, thank you duke and rhonda.

  9. Hi,Scott, rhonda and myself are planning on coming to costa rica in december to look and some houses. We are planning on retiring there soon. Im going to look at some house in osa mountain village and village of san buena. Both of these places are very close together ,so i can look at them both the same day. Also going to look at some houses in the esterillos area and the hills of esterillos, these are close together and im only going to be in costa rica 1 week. So if you would have any idea for me on bying a home in costa rica, please let me no, I no a beach house is going to cost to much, so im looking at house with ocean view that i can walk to the beach or drive a little ways,so let me no about some houses, thank you.


  10. Mr. Oliver:
    I am an American Buddhist who plans to relocate to Costa Rica
    in February, 2012, or so…. Who should I contact for help in
    finding rentals?

    I need just a small cottage, but would really love a yard for my
    zaguate. Thanks!

    Carol Vaughn

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