My First Real Estate Video Interviews in Costa Rica

January 31, 2007

I went to Costa Rica to make interviews to real estate and construction companies in the middle of January. Once again, what I loved about this country is not only the beauty of the scenery views but also the peace and tranquility. What I learned about investing in real estate in Costa Rica is that there is a boom in the construction sector in general and the coast areas are especially developing quickly due to tourism. While I was working in San Jose, I read an article in the newspaper La Nacion which said that the construction spending increased 96% in 2006 compared with 2005. This increase was mainly because of increasing demand for a second home in the coast area, not only by Costa Rican buyers but also by foreign people.  

While I was in the Pacific coast I visited Jaco, Quepos and Manuel Antonio. In Jaco, I stayed in a beautiful hotel next to the beach. What I realized is how much this town is developing because I saw many construction projects for beach houses and condoms and while talking with the companies there, they show me properties projects they have for sale.

Quepos is famous for the sport fishing and have a marina project with a luxury resort. Manuel Antonio showed me its white sun beaches and the tropical vegetation around its coast. This town offers many real estate opportunities for beach houses and condoms with spectacular views to the sea and the forest.  

The central valley of Costa Rica is where most of the people from this country lie. I had the opportunity to visit San Jose and Alajuela. The weather was colder than the coast area but nice cities to leave in tranquil and nice residential areas. Also, the construction of properties is growing in this area mainly to the north.  What I noticed while I was in Costa Rica is that the education and the health services have good quality standards. Besides, because of the boom in real estate, investing in properties is a good opportunity right now. Plus, foreign people just love Costa Rica because of the weather, the people, and the peace, the beauty of the vegetation and the good stability of this country.  

Gina Villagómez

Telf. Bolivia: (591) 3 3416064

Telf. Centroamérica: (52) 5511669265

EEUU y Canadá: (1) 3603621032


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