Real Estate Video Interview With Thierry Lambert of Costa Rica Base Real Estate

February 1, 2007

3 Feb UPDATE: Video fixed and now working!

Thierry works as an agent for Costa Rica Base. He has been living in the area of Quepos, Costa Rica for 12 years. He believes that Costa Rica Base can provide the best advice regarding real estate investment in the area in Quepos.  

Click to see the interview with Thierry

Thierry told us that Costa Rica Base sells all kind of properties and that the prices for the properties can vary depending in the area of
Costa Rica that they are located.  Once they know what a client needs, they can look for the best property within the specified price range.

Thierry let us know about the exciting project to build a huge new Marina in Quepos. He believes that this project makes Quepos an excellent area for investment right now because the price of the properties are low for the moment. Also, he said that Costa Rica´s taxes are not high which makes investment even more profitable.    


Gina Villagómez


Telf. Bolivia: (591) 3 3416064

Telf. Centroamérica: (52) 5511669265

EEUU y Canadá: (1) 3603621032

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  1. And many more locations in Costa Rica.



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