ForSaleByLocals In The New York Times

February 2, 2007

The New York Times had an interesting article on Blogging and Real Estate with a small hat-tip to ForSaleByLocals.com with regards to video blogging.  I believe that the original article was carried in the Miami Herald Tribune but I haven’t found the online link yet. (if someone has it, please let me know)

Link To the New York Times article

Outside of the article, the video real estate space has gotten a lot more crowded in the past two months.   I doubt that our site has anything with it, but there are now a fair number of competitors in both the niche-y US and Latin American video real estate space.  To me, actually thats a good thing.  Others are validating that a market may exist in this space and helping to raise the awareness about the use of video in the real estate industry.  All boats rise with the tide, right?

We are currently working on gaining video contracts in approx. 10 different countries right now so we see first hand the varying use of video on a country by country basis in the international real estate market. In some places, there are 6 or 7 video real estate TV shows and it is a very normal method to do business.  In others, it isnt so easy to find such video….but we do see a growing amount of interest in real estate video.

All we know is that all of our customers are happy with the calls that they are getting from countries and places that never called before saying..”hey, we saw your video on the web….”

Oh and if you are a real estate video aficianado..consider joining our Yahoo Real Estate Video Group (http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/realestatevideo/)


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