Some Context For Our Real Estate Videos

February 4, 2007

Right now, I’m located in the Hotel El Panama in Panama City, Panama and heading back to San Jose, Costa Rica tomorrow morning. Our hard working staff has just posted another 15 real estate videos (3 properties in portuguese, 5 properties in english, 1 english language interview, 5 properties in Spanish, and 1 Spanish language interview) . This time, we posted property videos and real estate video interviews from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  We’ve gotten plenty of questions during this trip about how we have so many property videos so I’ll address that in this post.  

Let’s separate the property videos from the interviews first.

Property Videos: None of the real estate property videos posted to date from Santa Cruz, Bolivia have been filmed or edited by us in our high definition capable video editing studios.  Our company does produce commercial videos but in the case of the Santa Cruz property video we only produce translated video narratives under license with the various real estate agencies.  We anticipate receiving more videos about projects in Central America as a result of this trip. Most of the posted property videos from Santa Cruz have been previously aired on various local TV programs within the country.  This will change as we get more involved in the actual production of real estate property videos as a result of our upcoming TV shows.

We also are licensed to display the real estate videos on our various websites but have no say in their visual editing or responsibility for the content.  Since the shows are conversional in nature (and the conversation isn’t always about the property), we usually have to produce a Spanish narrative as well. We are working to get access to real estate videos in 10 different countries right now.

Interviews: On the interview side, we film and edit the real estate video interviews but have no responsibility for the opinions expressed. These interviews are the most interesting part of the work for me.  People are doing such interesting things in various parts of the real estate industry.  During this trip, we’ve completed real estate video interviews with heads of national real estate associations, builders of huge projects, representatives of a company that shoots real estate video with remote control helicopters, and government ministers as well as seen some of the most beautiful beachfront properties in the world.

We’ll keep posting the real estate videos.  We have a LOT that we have not yet posted…..if you have videos that you’d like posted, just shoot us a quick mail and we’ll get it posted.


Note: The MP4 iPod-capable formats were not posted for the latest videos due to some connectivity problems at our Bolivia office (we recently switched broadband providers there and are working out some of the glitches).  We’ll get those issues resolved next week as only the MP4 files are impacted.


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