Hotel Connectivity And Real Estate Video

February 7, 2007

I’m here in the Hotel Corobici in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Our videos are edited by our video engineers in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  The issue is that despite having the right equipment to digitize videos on our portable computers, we’ve been struggling to upload our Nicaragua and Panama real estate videos to our server from hotels in both Panama and here in Costa Rica. 

In the Hotel El Panama in Panama City, the bandwidth was just too darn slow (despite the $12/day premium charge) for any sort of real estate video work. I would strongly recommend that you avoid using WisperNet in your hotel.  It’s a paid wifi service in Panama that is in my opinion expensive and awful.  The system understandably allows only one session per login name. However, the hot spots go down on a fairly regular basis and your session remains active on your last hotspot.  This means that you often have to wait the 8-10 minutes for your session to terminate on the previous hotspot to continue working.  Ugg….

The bandwidth in the Hotel Corobici in the capital city of Costa Rica is decent (usually 500kps or better).  The issue here is that there is usually some sort of forced reset of the wireless connection every 15-20 minutes.  I may be wrong on the details as I havent spent time examing the connection in detail…what I do know is that the connection randomly breaks for a second or two. While this doesnt usually have any impact on normal users…uploading any sort of large file like real estate video can be a very frustrating experience…much like the early days of the internet when downloading updates via dialup.

We ultimately decided to send the 15 hours of video tapes to Bolivia via United Parcel Service (UPS). $85 later, they’ll arrive on 8 February (tomorrow) to our video studio and you’ll start seeing new real estate video interviews on http://vidlisting.com from Nicaragua/Panama posted in English and Spanish shortly thereafter.  We really have some cool and informative interviews to share with you.


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