Real Estate Video Interview with Zuleika Selva, Costa Rica Base

February 7, 2007

In this interview with Zuleika Selva, you´ll understand a bit more about the real estate company, Costa Rica Base.  It was established in 2006 providing real estate services not only in the area of Manuel Antonio buy also in Quepos and in other areas in Costa Rica. They offer all type of properties depending on the needs of the client.  Regarding the prices of the properties, they can vary between US$50.000 to million dollars according to the type and the size of the property.

Click to See The Video Interview With Zuleika

Zuleika told us that there is a marina and resort project in Quepos which will make the investment in real estate in Quepos more interesting. This real estate video interview was taken on the existing pier in Quepos and provides views of the area.

One of the advantages of acquiring services through Costa Rica Base is the company is owned by Costa Ricans like Zuleika so, according to her, they know the area better and can give you tips about living in
Costa Rica.

Gina Villagomez


Telf. Bolivia: (591) 3 3416064

Telf. Centroamérica: (52) 5511669265

EEUU y Canadá: (1) 3603621032



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