Thoughts About Our Stop in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

February 11, 2007

Guanacaste is about 4 hours by car from San Jose. The roads are decent for the four hours although there is a 20-30 minute portion that is unpaved – supposedly they are preparing for paving that road within the next 2 months.  The beaches here are of the white sand variety…nice casual environment with lots of friendly people in the area.

The next time that we travel to this area, we’ll take the more direct flight into the international airport at Liberia, Costa Rica which is only 30-45 minutes away from most of the prime beaches here.  We only had limited time here but this is definitely an area to which we want to return.

We stayed in the Flamingo Beach Resort which is a very nice hotel right on Flamingo Beach.  They have a reasonable price for a beachfront hotel, a more mature clientele, and lovely amenities such as their pool.  They also have the best connectivity that we have had since landing in Central America.  Faaaaaast 100Mbps connection…   Flamingo is ideal for those that want a bit of isolation and a quiet vacation while still keeping to touch via internet and cable TV.  As nice as the hotel is here in Flamingo, we’ll likely try staying at a different hotel in Tamarindo next time only because there is a bit livelier and diverse crowd there.  I like the nightlife, I like to boogie  (grin)……

On the work side, there are real estate projects being built everywhere here. There seems to be more activity in this area of Costa Rica than any other.  One interviewee told us that Tamarindo had only 600 people three years ago – now there are thousands of people with a growing tourist population with huge hotel projects going in soon.  However, we didnt get the amount of real estate video interviews here that we hoped. This isn’t due to a lack of real estate services, projects, or professionals at all – it was due to the last minute nature of this trip and the fact that we arrived over a weekend. Our fault.  Be assured that the real estate interviews that we did get are of high quality and interest. 

We want to return to this area soon to get more interviews. If you are involved in real estate in the Guanacaste area and want to get on our video interview schedule during our return trip, just email me at tony@forsalebylocals.com.

Have any experiences in Guanacaste that you’d like to share?


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