Real Estate Video Interview From Nicaragua With Henkel Smith, Waters Edge Real Estate

February 13, 2007

Henkel Smith III is a real estate professional working with Waters Edge Real Estate located across the street from the beach in San Juan Del Sur (SJDS), Nicaragua.  He is a vibrant guy that is definitely focused on customer service. 

Click to See Henkel’s Video Interview

Henkel sat down with us recently to discuss his thoughts on real estate development in Nicaragua during a 10 minute long video interview.  He has a strong outlook for the investment opportunities in Nicaragua in general and SJDS specifically.  He talks about the process for buying real estate, some of the pitfalls, and even touches on his view about impact of the recent change in government in Nicaragua.

This interview is a great foundation  for further investigation into investment in Nicaragua.  Enjoy!



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  2. Hi there,
    Apologies if this is frowned upon, but I’m trying to get in touch with Henkel. The “Contact Us” form on his Companies website is not working.
    Hopefully Henkel will pick this message up and fire me an email, or if possible can the webmaster fire him an email with my contact details?

    Much appreciated, and apologies but I cannot find another way to get in touch.



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