Note To Robert Scoble – Real Estate Blogging Is Quickly Becoming Quite Mature

February 19, 2007

Robert, a noted A list tech blogger, just has noticed that real estate blogging may be the next way to go for bloggers looking for a transactional audience with good audience size and low competition. He goes on to say that he was “ahead of his time” by recommending real estate blogging last year.

Actually, US real estate blogging has actually been maturing quite quickly over the past year.  Individual real estate blogs have existed for much more than a year and much of the exciting action has been in the development of community around real estate blogging.

For instance, there is growing recognition of an A list (http://realestatetomato.typepad.com and http://blog.sellsiusrealestate.com/ come to mind immediately among others that are equally deserving),  a Digg like site dedicated to real estate (http://realestatevoices.com), a weekly real estate blog carnival (http://www.carnivalofrealestate.com/), and a 10,000 15,000 agent member strong content mall for real estate bloggers. (http://activerain.com).   There are also excellent sites focused on real estate marketing (http://www.futureofrealestatemarketing.com/), real estate news aggregators (http://www.inman.com/ ), wikis, and too many to list about integrating technology into the real estate process.

One can start with these resources to come up to speed quickly on what is going on in the real estate blogging community. Looks like 2007 will be an interesting year…


One comment

  1. Flattery will get you everywhere. Thanks for the compliment and link—we reciprocate your kindness with a link on our blogroll—a humble thanks, I admit, but I’ll buy you a drink if you come to New York City.

    Joseph Ferrara
    Sellsius Real Estate

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