Is Posting Real Estate Video Online Really The Issue?

February 20, 2007

This topic is driven by the fact that we have getting a number of comments on certain blog posts with links to various YouTube-like real estate video sites.  If you believe that successful businesses solve problems for customers, then a logical question would be, “what business problem is being solved by these sites?”

Let us think for a moment about the production chain for online real estate video:

Latent Interest => Planning => Filming => Editing => Conversion => Posting

Although this chain is equally applicable to all other types of online video, I think that real estate video is a special case in terms of the business problems that customers need help solving. On the whole, agents and developers tend not be the early technology adopters that are found on YouTube (those that are likely already have their properties highlighted on YouTube).  The difference here is that many agents LOVE technology (read: latent interest in the above production chain)  but their core competency is in sales not in implementation of technology.  Without outside assistence, many agents still struggle with HTML, never mind filming, video capture, and codec conversion not to mention the artistic skills, costs, and nuances of video editing.

In the end, our view is that posting is easy once the video has been made. Sites to post real estate video and any other online are quickly becoming a commodity. At this point and for the foreseeable future, the larger business problem seems much earlier in the process and involves helping people get from latent interest through editing (especially for those specializing in real estate video).  “How do we get there from here?” might be the better question…

ForSaleByLocals has video services that are as easy as making a phone call or dropping MiniDV tapes in a FEDEX package. We also are a low cost editing and conversion service provider to companies that film real estate developments or properties. 

Let us hear your thoughts on the business problem.  How are you involved in the early parts of the video chain or getting your customers past latent interest?


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