100,000 Real Estate Videos Watched In Just Over Three Months

February 23, 2007

We just passed 100,000 real estate videos watched on our site today.  As of this post the update to this post, we have 100,053 100,193.  Given the numbers that we’ve discerned about other sites, we aren’t at the top of the heap but we sure are burning right along for where we are in site development.  Additionally, the recent competition springing up in the real estate video space tells me that others think that there may be a business to build around the technology. Validation of the business opportunity is always a good thing.

I’m very proud of the entire forsalebylocals and casacomprar teams for making this important milestone.  The interesting part is that the vast majority of the interviews and property videos that have been posted to this point are from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Brazil.  It will be interesting to see the speed to which we add 100,000 more views once we have all 30 hours of real estate video interviews from Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua posted on http://forsalebylocals.com and http://vidlisting.com

The three video sites (http://vidlisting.com in English, http://bienesraicesvideo.com in Spanish and http://imoveisvideo.com in Portguese) have been our recent focus.  Now, we are turning our attention back to our three principal listing sites (http://forsalebylocals.com in English, http://casacomprar.com in Spanish and http://repousos.com in Portuguese) as well as the corresponding country specific sites.

We have done so much work over the past few months and have so many new things coming up.  We are a small team and this has been hectic but fun and, every day, we receive emails saying that you guys, our audience, think that it is definitely worth the effort. Thanks again for sharing the ride with us.


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