Real Estate Video Interview From Panama With Marcel Segui, PRIME Realtors

February 26, 2007

We recently sat down for a real estate video interview with Mr. Marcel Segui of PRIME Realtors in Panama City to talk about their company and real estate in general in Panama.

Watch The Video Interview In English With Marcel

During this nine minute english language real estate video interview, Marcel touches on how large properties in the interior of Panama are growing in popularity, the process to purchase properties, price ranges for various types of properties in Panama, and his views about the future of real estate investment.  He also talks about buyer representation, financing, and other services available through PRIME realtors.



  1. March 18,2007

    My God Marcel and Flor,
    I just cannot believe that I finally FOUND you guys.
    How I have been trying these last twelve years to find YOU.
    So you are in Panama.
    Today I was seraching the Web for Sandi and Marie and just could not get them.
    I typed in Marcel Segui UK and your photo Marcel came up.
    I was too emotional to watch and know that I have found you.
    How are you all.
    So much to write about.
    Tell me something about ALL of you and the children and especially Sandi and Marie and Mario your brother and his family and most especially your Mum and Dad Marcel.
    Cannot wait to hear from you.

    Take care. God Bless.
    By the way, your photo, you look extremely distinguished and a lot slimmer which I am sure you are happy about!!!
    Please, touch base with me.


  2. March 18, 2007

    Dear Marcel and Flor,

    CONGRATULATIONS of your fantastic achievement as PRIME REALTORS in Panama.

    Terribly PROUD to know what a SUCCESS you both are.

    Saw the Video interview – truly marvellous.
    Hats off to you Marcel.
    Brilliant is all I can say, but so deserving of whatever you have achieved.

    Good Luck and the very best continued success.

    Love – Yve

  3. Hi Marcel,

    After so many years you were so easy to find! I mirror the comments Yve sent to you on 18/03/07 – although I don’t know her. Would love to find you guys again, espeically, Marie and Sandie – and catch up. Also, to pass you some bad news. Perhaps you already know. 😦 I truly hope to hear from you soon.

    Soo xx

  4. Dear Marcel

    I am desperately trying to get in touch with Angelica Hemmings who is my Godmother. The last I heard from her was in Goa when we met up in 2002. I see she has been in touch with you. Please can you let me have her details.
    many thanks

    • Hi Juliette, I don’t know if you will get this message as your is dated 2009..
      I was a big friend of Angelica and she used to talk about you a lot….have you heard about her since then??
      Please get in touch with me just to discuss a few things that i have some questions about…if i can help in any way…
      i have been in touch with her and Francisco….

  5. Hi Marcel and family

    Found you at last, we had wondered what had become of you, would love to hear from you.

    Kay Bacon, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

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