Oddball Real Estate Video Stats

March 1, 2007

Tomorrow we’ll be adding a small feature that lets you view the total number of views for each video (since 1 Jan anyway).  Not any sort of big deal technically. It is something that has been coded for some time, we just had not put it into the production code base.  Much more interesting are the results.

Some random stats from those numbers: (as of this blog post)

The top 5 watched real estate videos are all real estate property videos are not surprisingly in Spanish (Marioflores – 1018 views,  Urb. España – 908 views, Equipetrol Norte – 782 views, Venezuela – 776 views, and Corde Cruz Sur – 745 views). In short, the top five most watched real estate videos watched account for less than 4% of the total views which indicates that we have a fairly decent distribution over time or, in other words, people actually watch a wide range of videos.

The top Portuguese language real estate video comes in at 601 total views.

The most watched English language real estate video is surprisingly a property video from Santa Cruz, Bolivia that comes in at a respectable 516 views. A bunch of other English language videos are close behind. I’m likely more surprised than anyone about the most watched video in English… 


Added Info By Request: Most Watched Video Interview By Language (Spanish – 542, English – 485, Portuguese – 278).  There are lots of close contenders for most watched real estate video interview in each of the languages. The low portuguese number may be due to the fact that we haven’t posted a new video interview in Portuguese in over 6 weeks.  That will change as we have a video crew returning from Brazil with a load of new and interesting real estate video interviews this Friday.

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