Real Estate Video Interview With Mr. Carlos Fuentes, VET Realty & Liaison To NAR

March 11, 2007

We had an opportunity to talk about international real estate with Mr. Carlos A. Fuentes, who is not only a successful commercial REALTOR in Florida and international property sales specialist, but also a liaison to the President of the National Association of REALTORs (NAR).

Click to Watch Mr. Fuentes’ Video Interview In English

In this six minute english language video interview, Mr. Fuentes talk about his business, his role with NAR, and gives his perspectives on real estate investment in Latin America. Mr. Fuentes also gave a conference presentation in Spanish which is available for viewing here (link en español).



  1. Carlos Fuentes is a phenomenal professional. His ethics and professionalism go above and beyond the “call of duty”. It is a pleasure working with Carlos and attest to his credibility and capabilities. I am grateful for yet another wonderful interview where you shared so much in such a short time slot.

    Your partner in International Real Estate,

    Selma Santos

  2. Good information and especially even more timely now with the real estate market going south in the US and elsewhere at the moment.

    There are still lots of great investment properties available in Costa Rica, Belize (hot at the moment!), the Dominican Republic and Panama. Plus you get the added bonus of having a place in an exotic location.

    There are plenty of investment opportunities available at http://www.hot-tropics.com.

  3. Interesting fact: This has been due to the sub prime crisis in the United States, increasing volatility in the share and financial markets and investors such as fund managers requiring higher returns. Nice Site by the way.

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